What do HotSpring Spas do better than anyone else? Hot Tub Filters

Feb 23, 2018
What do HotSpring Spas do better than anyone else? Filtration A well maintained hot tub filtration system is a crucial aspect of getting the most out of your investment. Working… Read More
Mother reading book to daughter in front of a warm fireplace

Fireplace Safety: Back to Basics

Jan 8, 2018
Winter is upon us, the days are shorter and they certainly are colder. You could say its fireplace season and for those in the know, that means cold evenings cozied… Read More
Person measuring Ph level of spa

5 Hot Tub Chemicals You Need to Know

Dec 15, 2017
Hot Tub Chemistry 101 Your new hot tub is installed and filled with warm soothing water. You’re ready to step in and relax. But have you thought about the chemistry?… Read More
Big Box Store

Why Choose a Local Hot Tub Dealer Over a Big Box or Online Store?

Jun 12, 2017
Partnering with a reputable local hot tub dealer versus going to Costco or purchasing a hot tub online is important for many reasons: 1. Big Box & online won’t give… Read More
Beautiful landscaping in garden

Spascaping for Summer

Jun 6, 2016
  Create an oasis in your backyard for the maximum relaxation and pleasure! To help you get inspired, we've created a pinterest board ripe with backyard landscaping ideas just in… Read More
Vanguard IceGray Hot Spring Spa

Can a Hot Spring Spa help conserve water?

Jan 31, 2014
Can a Hot Tub help conserve water? Your city and state officials will say “Absolutely NOT!”  In fact during the last drought in 1990, Californians were told that filling up… Read More
Family relaxing at home. Feet in Christmas socks near fireplace. Winter holiday concept

Fireplace Safety Tips

Aug 15, 2013
We love our fireplaces. In addition to being the centerpieces of ambiance in our homes, they warm our toes and our hearts too. But remember that one of their central… Read More
Fireplace Insert

Improve Heat Efficiency with Fireplace Inserts

Sep 24, 2012
Bay area fireplace owners enjoy watching fires burn and value the ability to closely monitor a fire’s progress. However, most fireplaces allow too much air to enter the chimney. This… Read More
Hot Tub Speaker

Integrated TV and Sound Systems Enhance the Hot Tub Experience

Sep 17, 2012
Hot tubs are a great way to relax or socialize, but because they are installed outdoors, it can sometimes feel like you have to give up other activities to enjoy… Read More
E500 Fitness Spa with Family

Make Sure Your New Hot Tub Fits Your Lifestyle

Sep 10, 2012
Purchasing a new hot tub is a big decision that typically prompts the buyer to take available space, home setup and price into consideration. One essential aspect of purchasing a… Read More
Full Sized Hot Tub

New vs. Used Bay Area Hot Tubs

Sep 3, 2012
Hot tubs offer a pleasant way to relax and soothe muscle aches. When purchasing a hot tub in San Francisco, buyers have two main options. They can choose to buy… Read More
Hotspring hot tub with a view

What to Consider When Purchasing a Hot Tub

Aug 27, 2012
A hot tub can be a large but worthwhile investment, so it’s important to make sure that you get the exact model that you need. Here is a basic outline… Read More
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