Easy Ways to Conserve Water With a Hot Springs Hot Tub

Last week California governor Gavin Newsom signed an Executive Order asking residents to voluntarily reduce their water usage by 15%. You might think owning or purchasing a hot tub would run counter to this water conservation goal. However, it doesn’t have to. We take water conservation very seriously at Creative Energy. All of our HotSprings hot tubs are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. In fact, our entire selection of spas have water saving features built right in, and with our line of spa supplies you can even reduce the amount of water you use in your hot tub annually! 

How Much Water Do Hot Spring Hot Tubs Use?

A 10 minute shower typically uses about 25 gallons of water. If you shower every other day you are using around 4,575 gallons of water a year! In order to compare water usage, let’s look at the amount of water our most compact, mid size, and largest hot tub models require:

Hot Spring Aspire 2 Person Spa

Capacity: 2 Adults
Volume: 115 gallons

One of our most compact hot tub models is the Hot Springs Aspire Spa which is designed to comfortably seat one to two adults. This hot tub only requires 115 gallons of water to fill, or around 345 gallons a year. That’s only about 14 showers worth of water annually!

Hot Spring Beam 4 Person Spa

Capacity: 4 Adults
Volume: 295 gallons

Our four person Hot Springs Beam Spa only requires 295 gallons of water to fill (about 885 gallons a year on average). That’s a total annual water usage comparable to about 35 showers – or a month’s worth of showering in most multi-person households. 

Hot Spring Rhythm 7 Person Spa

Capacity: 7 Adults
Volume: 330 gallons

Even with bigger models, like our seven person HotSpot Rhythm, you’re looking at a mere 330 gallons per fill. That averages out to only 990 gallons of water every year! Again, that averages only 40 ten-minute showers worth of water in an entire year.

But what if you’re shopping for an environmentally friendly hot tub to conserve water? Then a Hot Springs Spa is your answer. With a little due diligence and the right spa supplies and accessories, you can enjoy daily soaks in your own personal hot tub while also doing your part to be as water-efficient as possible!

Conserve Water With a Salt Water System for Your Hot Springs Hot Tub

The FreshWater Salt System has many benefits including keeping your hot tub water clean and clear without the need to drain it for up to an entire year! This salt water system generates a chemical-free chlorine from salt that is automatically released into your spa water, keeping it clean and sanitized. This means you can conserve even more water at home while enjoying more time relaxing in your hot tub and less time draining and refilling it! 

Hot Tub Covers Help You Conserve Water and Energy

Our neighbors in Marin County have instituted some new water restrictions for residents, including a mandate that requires hot tubs to remain covered when not in use. At Creative Energy, we think this is a great idea and that all hot tubs should have covers anyway!

A well fitted hot tub cover can ensure your spa is protected and your water remains free of dirt and debris when it’s not in use. Keeping your spa covered can greatly reduce the need to drain, clean, and refill your hot tub throughout the year. Investing in a hot tub cover will also help reduce the amount of water evaporation in between soaks. This will also help you maintain a consistent water temperature. Whenever you are ready to sink in for a therapeutic dip, your hot tub will require less time and energy to heat up to your ideal temperature. 

Reuse Your Hot Tub Water as Grey Water

Your hot tub water conservation efforts can be maximized even further by reusing your spa water as grey water. If it’s time to drain your hot tub, consider reusing those precious gallons of H20 to water your lawn, or non-edible plant garden! You can even use your old spa water to wash your car, house, patio, and much more! 

Reusing hot tub water as grey water is easy. First, remove the cover and let the chlorine dissipate for at least three days. Do not ad any additional chemicals to the tub. This water certainly isn’t suitable for drinking. However, it can be used safely and efficiently in many other ways around your home. 

Even the FreshWater Salt system can be used to water your plants. Despite the name, it does not contain salt at levels that will harm your plants (most fertilizers contain more salt). If you use your FreshWater system for a whole year, and then water your plants when you finally have to drain, you are getting incredible value from every drop of water.

Get More Hot Tub Water Conservation Tips From the Bay Area Experts at Creative Energy

The Creative Energy team has been a leading provider of hot tubs and personal spas to Bay Area residents for over 45 years. If you have questions about how to conserve water with your Hot Spring spa, or are looking to find the most water efficient hot tub for your home, we are here to help.

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