Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trade in an older Creative Energy Spa for a newer model?

Yes, you absolutely can! We strongly advise that you visit your local Creative Energy showroom and reserve a spa of your choice. We will then schedule an appointment at your convenience to appraise your old spa.

How long does it take to get a spa to my home?

If we have the spa model in your desired colors at our warehouse, we can usually deliver your spa within a week. Otherwise we have to get the spa ordered from Hot Springs, and get the spa to your home within a 2-3 week* timeframe.
* These times may vary due to manufacturer availability.

What is the difference between 110V spas and 220V spas?

Most larger spas require a 220v power source. However, Creative Energy’s mid size and smaller spas can be either 110v or 220v. The efficiency is exactly the same. When a spa is wired 220v, both the jet pump and heater can be active at the same time. In the 110v, the heater is deactivated when the jet pumps are turned on. When the jets are turned back off, it automatically resumes heating. 220v spas heat the spa after the initial fill up 3 times faster than 110v spas. Again, same amount of kilowatts used.

How much will my HotSpring Spa cost per month to operate?

Your HotSpring spa will cost between $17 and $35 per month to operate. You will have the most energy efficient spa on the market. If another company quotes you less than this amount, ask them to put it in writing. HotSpring Spas have been third party tested, and no other manufacturer can claim that.

Can I try out the spa before I buy it?

Yes! Creative Energy has more spas filled and operating per showroom than any other spa dealer in the Bay Area. We encourage you to try it out.
* COVID protocol may effect test spa availability

Is the $500 deposit fully refundable?

Yes, Creative Energy will refund your $500 deposit at any time.

What is the warranty on Certified Used Spas and Hot Tubs?

1 year electronic components and labor. Once the spa is sold, we will put it back on our test stand to ensure that it has no leaks, and everything is running well. Spas must be paid in full, and be delivered within 3 weeks of sale.


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