Your ultimate guide to Swim Spa delivery and installation

You’ve done the dreaming. You dreamed of having a swim spa in your backyard. Now it’s time to do a little planning. With a proper delivery plan, you can start enjoying all the amazing benefits of your new swim spa on the same day it is installed. 

In this guide, we will outline how to choose the perfect spot for your new swim spa, along with how to ensure the most efficient delivery process, and what to expect when the big day comes. 

Choosing the Perfect Spot for Your New Swim Spa

It’s so exciting knowing that you’ll soon be enjoying your very own swim spa. You may already have a spot in mind where you picture yourself enjoying it. Before settling on the ideal spot, there are a number of considerations to explore. The first of these is whether it will be above ground, fully in-ground, or something in between. 

Above, Below, or Partially In-ground? 

Your swim spa will be a great addition to your backyard that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. If aesthetics or accessibility are a major concern, you may want to consider having your swim spa installed in-ground or partially in-ground. Either of these options improves access to the spa and will help your swim spa blend in with your landscape. If you’re looking for a less permanent option then the portability of an above-ground installation might be the right choice. 

To more fully explore the possibilities before deciding what type of spa installation works best for you, we invite you to read our previous blog article about in-ground and partially in-ground installation


Power requirements for swim spas vary by model. Prior to delivery, our technicians will want to ensure the area your spa will be installed has access to a sufficient amount of power for your model. 

Water and Drainage

Due to evaporation, you will occasionally need to top off your spa to maintain the water level, so you will need easy access to a water source. This will also make draining and refilling your spa much easier, which should be done every one to two years. 

Likewise, water may splash out while you are swimming or exercising, so you’ll want to have your swim spa installed in an area where this won’t be a hazard. 


When considering where to put your new swim spa, accessibility should be kept in mind. There will need to be enough room around the entire circumference of the spa for people to comfortably walk. This ensures maintenance workers, technicians, and cleaners can easily access every area they need. 

Depending on the size of your yard and the mobility of the family members, you may also want to have it situated closer to your house.

Your View 

What would you like to be looking at during your swim spa activities? Perhaps your beautiful oak tree? Or the field behind your house? Perhaps the honeysuckle vine on the porch. Situate your spa with your view in mind. 

Your Privacy

Now let’s talk about your neighbor’s view. Whether you’re looking to relax in your own personal oasis or get an invigorating workout in, you shouldn’t have to share it with your neighbors. If your outdoor space lacks privacy in general, check out our recent blog post to find 4 Swim Spa Landscaping Ideas for some easy ways to add privacy to your spa experience. 

Preparing Your Backyard

The big day is almost here! How do you prepare for your swim spa to be delivered? Your Creative Energy technician will work with you to create a simple and efficient delivery plan and guide you through the entire process ahead of time. 

This will ensure you and your delivery team will all know exactly what to expect. When you’re ready for your delivery, you can sit back, maybe read the instruction manual, and decide what swim spa activity you want to try first. 

Clear Access

Part of your delivery plan will include things you may need to move to provide proper delivery access for the installation team. We will also list any special machinery and equipment our team will need to bring to ensure a swift installation.

Since your swim spa technicians have already determined the space has adequate power, all you have to do is make sure the electrical source is accessible to your delivery team. Similarly, you will want to make sure you have your water source at the ready so that we can begin filling your spa as soon as it’s installed.

What to Expect on Delivery Day

The staff members at Creative Energy are here to assist you through every step of the delivery and installation process. 

Complete Installation

Your Creative Energy technicians will provide white glove installation. Your swim spa and any accessories you may have ordered will be fully installed, and no mess will be left behind. 

We will walk you through how to use your new spa and all the customizable settings, and answer any questions you may have that day. Our team is always a quick call away, so never hesitate to contact us if you run into any other questions after your spa has been installed.

With your seal of approval, your new swim spa will be ready to use the same day. The wait is over. Enjoy! 

Creative Energy Provides Full-Service Swim Spa Delivery, Installation, and Set Up 

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