Enjoy ultimate relaxation all summer with these Hot Tub maintenance tips

Summer fun has begun! During these warmer months, we tend to spend more time outdoors and gravitate toward water. 

With these hot tub maintenance tips, we’ll outline how to care for a hot tub in the summer, so you, your family, and your guests are stepping into clean, clear water. You’ll also find tips to improve your spa’s appearance and longevity, so it can continue to be a relaxing hub of summer fun for years to come.  

1) Keep Your Plumbing and Jet System Clean

Nothing beats the feeling of stepping into fresh clean water for a luxurious soak or a therapeutic water massage. With hotter temperatures and increased sun exposure, you are likely sweating more and lathering up the whole family with sunscreen. Without proper cleaning, these excess body oils and lotions can build up inside of the spa, causing your water to become cloudy, foamy, and smelly. 

To ensure your hot tub water remains clean, clear, and sanitized, it’s important to flush out your plumbing and jet system. With Ahh-Some Plumbing and Jet Cleaner, you can easily purge all the debris, oils, and other contaminants. 

2) Drain Your Hot Tub  

When you clean your plumbing system all of the built-up gunk gets flushed out and into your spa water. So the next logical step is to drain out that dirty water. Watch this video that shows how to drain a hot tub using a hose. (You may have a submersible pump instead.) 

3) Protect Your Spa from Sun Damage

While your spa is empty, it’s the perfect time to wipe down the interior of your tub and apply a protective surface polish. It’s best to use a mild non-abrasive, non-sudsing cleaner and a soft rag or nylon scrubber to remove dirt buildup. For minor surface cleaning, baking soda may be used. 

Once the shell is clean and dry, you can apply FreshWater Spa Shine, which provides a long-lasting protective coating that shields your hot tub from the sun’s harmful UV rays. It will also give it a shiny, brand-new look. 

4) Refresh Your Filter

Your filter works hard to keep your water free of debris, but it needs a light cleaning every now again for optimum performance. Using a cleaning solution like SpaGuard Filter Cleaner will not only keep your water clear, it will ensure your spa pump lasts as long as possible. This will keep your filter free of grime and scale, lengthen the filtration life cycle, improve your water circulation, and reduce your overall maintenance costs.

Watch this video to learn how to easily clean your spa filter. 

5) Set Your Summer Water Temperature

During the summer months, the higher temperatures outside may affect your comfort while using your spa. You can safely enjoy your hot tub with the water temperature set as low as 95 degrees, but many people prefer a 99-105 degree temperature range. By adjusting the water temperature down in the warmer months you can enjoy a relaxing soak as often as you like while still keeping your energy costs low.

6) Summerize your spa cover

Your hot tub cover helps conserve energy by maintaining your spa’s water temperature while it’s not in use and protects it from prolonged exposure to the outside elements. To ensure it remains in tip-top-shape and the perfect fit your spa, you will want to keep it clean and protected. 

With 303 Aerospace Protectant spray, you can protect your spa cover from mildew growth and sun damage with very minimal effort. Just spray and wipe to keep it clean, beautiful, and in good condition for years to come. This advanced formula works on a wide variety of materials, including vinyl, fiberglass, treated leather, and more. Repeat this every couple of months to ensure your cover looks fresh and lasts longer. 

Save time for Summer Fun – Leave the Cleaning to the Professionals

Would you rather free up your time for other summer activities? Let the professionals at Creative Energy do the dirty work for you. Contact us to schedule a hot tub cleaning with one of our professional technicians today!