There’s no better way to level up your daily routine than with a refreshing swim. However, what can you do if you don’t have a pool, or your backyard is too small to have one? Well, you’re in luck— a swim spa is an excellent alternative. With a compact design, swim spas have a much smaller footprint than traditional swimming pools, which means they’re great for small spaces! That said, you are probably wondering “how much space do I need for a swim spa?”, and we’re here to tell you! In this guide, we list the best swim spas for small spaces and explain exactly how much space you will need for them! 

Swim Spas Are Great for Small Spaces 

Swim spas combine the best benefits of both swimming pools and hot tubs into one amazing package. They’re built to be compact, but they also give you plenty of room to swim, exercise, and relax— which is possible even in tight spaces! 

The table below lists all our Endless Pools Swim Spas and their dimensions from smallest to largest: 

R200 Swim Spa 7.417 ft. Wide x 12 ft. Long 
R500 Swim Spa 7.417 ft. Wide x 15 ft. Long 
E500 Swim Spa 7.417 ft. Wide x 15 ft. Long 
X500 Swim Spa 7.417 ft. Wide x 15 ft. Long 
E550 Swim Spa 8ft. Wide x 15ft. Long 
E700 Swim Spa 7.417 ft. Wide x 17ft. Long 
E2000 Swim Spa 7.417 ft. Wide x 20ft. Long 
X2000 Swim Spa 7.417 ft. Wide x 20ft. Long 

The Best Swim Spas for Small Backyards 

At Creative Energy, we have a large selection of Endless Pool Swim Spas available in various sizes to choose from. Here are some of the best swim spas for small backyards, so you can find the perfect model for your home, lifestyle, and budget. 

RECSPORT™ R200 Swim Spa

An overhead image of the RECSPORT™ R200 Swim Spa.

The RECSPORT™ R200 Swim Spa is an excellent choice for small backyards. Take your swim or relaxation routine to the next level with the R200 swim spas adjustable current and swim jet system. Even though this is the smallest swim spa model available it’s not missing any of the amazing features or benefits, with five ergonomic bucket seats, 27 jets, and a 30”-deep reef! 

RECSPORT R200 Swim Spa Features:

  • 12′ L x 50″ H x 89″ W 
  • 3 Round Swim Jets 
  • 1 Illuminated Waterfall 
  • Water purification: CD Ozone 

R500 Swim Spa

An overhead image of the R500 Swim Spa.

The R500 Swim Spa is another great option for small backyards. This swim spa is 15 feet long to give you plenty of space for maximum fun and comfort, while also being compact enough to fit in most small backyards. This one is also equipped with jets, an adjustable current, and ergonomic seating. 

R500 Swim Spa Features:

  • 15′ L x 50″ H x 89″ W 
  • 3 Round Swim Jets 
  • 1 Illuminated Waterfall 
  • Water purification: CD Ozone 

E500 Swim Spa

An overhead image of the Endless Pools E500 swim spa in Alpine White with a treadmill.

The E500 Swim Spa is our 15’ Endless Pools Fitness System, designed with function and comfort in mind. This swim spa is equipped with state-of-the-art current technology that provides excellent resistance, which is great for core engagement. The E500 is 89” wide and features ergonomically engineered seats to give you relaxation benefits after your workout. 

E500 Swim Spa Features:  

  • 15′ L x 58″ H x 89″ W 
  • Endless Pools® Original Current 
  • 2 illuminated waterfalls 
  • Optional underwater treadmill 
  • Water purification: UVC + CD Ozone 

E550 Swim Spa

An overhead image of the Endless Pools E550 swim spa with a treadmill.

Another great swim spa for small backyards is the E550 Swim Spa. Equipped with an optional underwater treadmill and the Endless Pools Swim Machine, this spa is sure to help you achieve the low-impact workout of your dreams. This is the most spacious of the small swim spa options, but it’s also compact enough to fit in small spaces.  

E550 Swim Spa Features:

  • 15′ L x 58″ H x 94″ W 
  • Endless Pools Swim Machine Current 
  • Optional underwater treadmill 
  • Water purification: UVC + CD Ozone

The Benefits of Swim Spas for Small Spaces

If you don’t have the space or budget for a swimming pool, you’re in luck! Swim spas are a favorite alternative for traditional pools, thanks to their compact size. Read on to learn about some of the biggest benefits of owning a swim spa even if your space is limited! 

A smiling group of friends enjoys a swim spa in a small backyard space

Save On Space 

Swim spas combine all the benefits of a traditional swimming pool and a luxury hot tub into one compact package. Just like a pool, swim spas can also be installed fully above ground, partially above ground, or fully in-ground, but require much less space!  

Eco Friendly 

Another benefit of swim spas is that they’re a more eco-friendly option than a traditional pool, and require much less water and power. They also come with their own water purification systems, which means they require less chemicals to keep clean—a benefit for both you and the environment. 

Year-Round Use 

With easy-to-use temperature controls, swim spas are perfectly equipped for year-round use. Even when it’s too cold for swimming pools, you can adjust the temperature in a swim spa with the touch of a button and your water will be the perfect temperature in minutes. 


One of the most desirable benefits of swim spas for small spaces is the luxury they bring. Hydrotherapy and therapeutic massage jets provide a number of health and relaxation benefits including pain relief, reduced stress, and more. 


Another advantage of swim spas is the fun they provide for the whole family, year-round. Everyday entertainment with friends and family is easy with the recreational benefits a swim spa provides. Everything from teaching beginners how to swim, to playing all your favorite songs on the Bluetooth sound system at your next backyard party, swim spas can do it all! 


All our swim spa models come equipped with adjustable swim currents and optional aquatic workout equipment to suit any low-impact, full-body exercising routine

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Swim Spas are compact enough to be installed almost anywhere without compromising on luxury!  As the Bay Area’s #1 Swim Spa dealer with over 40+ years in business, we’re confident we can help you find the best swim spa for your home, lifestyle, and budget. Try one out for yourself with a test soak at any of our showrooms! We also offer free backyard consultations to help ensure an easy and fast delivery and installation process. The Creative Energy team will also provide full-service delivery and installation so all you have to do is sit back, sink in, and relax!   

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