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Creative Energy Corporation was founded by Rolf Engelhard and Denis Kasten in 1976. Rolf had an engineering background and Denis a degree in architecture. Together they formed a perfect match. Rolf invented a state-of-the-art equipment package to heat and filter hot tubs 24 hours a day. The operating cost was under $15 per month – unheard of at that time. Units were manufactured in Novato and sold throughout the country. Our largest dealer was in Alaska! There are still thousands of these units operating in the field today.

Creative Energy’s mission is to be the top spa dealer and service provider in the world.

“We accomplish this by retailing the highest quality spa in the industry while maintaining the most knowledgeable, dedicated staff.

“Our customers not only know they have received the best value for their money, but they also feel Creative Energy has provided excellent customer service that exceeded expectations in every aspect of owning a spa.”

Denis designed and built beautiful settings and decks around the hot tubs and spas, many of which were featured in Sunset Magazine. Today Denis runs Kasten Builders, a Bay Area custom home builder and residential contractor.

Kasten Builders constructs everything from perfect fit decks and surrounds for your new hot tub all the way to custom homes and remodels. They too have over 30 years of bay area experience.

In 1981, John Kasten joined the corporation as General Manager and Vice President. He had previously managed a large Cadillac, Pontiac, and Nissan automobile dealership in Michigan. During that same period the industry was shifting from custom, in-ground installations to self contained, portable spas.

Creative Energy elected to sell Hot Spring Spas exclusively because of the manufacturer’s emphasis on reliability and economy of operation. At the time, Hot Spring Spas built only one spa model, the “Classic.” Our San Rafael location sold these units at a record rate, earning numerous awards along the way.

Today, Hot Spring Spas is the largest spa manufacturer in the world.

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David Kasten explains Creative Energy's approach, and the choices they've made to improve customer experience