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430 Deluxe Gas Fireplace Insert.

Can a Fireplace Insert Increase Home Value? 

Jan 24, 2024
5 Ways a Fireplace Insert Can Add Value to Your Home A fireplace insert is a self-contained heating unit that is installed inside an existing masonry fireplace, improving energy efficiency,… Read More
Large Flush Wood Hybrid-Fyre Rectangular Fireplace Insert.

7 Benefits of Fireplace Inserts

Dec 21, 2023
With winter approaching, smart heating solutions are more important than ever to keep our homes warm and cozy. Fireplace inserts allow you to enjoy the benefits of a traditional fireplace… Read More
living room with modern look and fireplace insert

Are Fireplace Inserts Safe?

Nov 7, 2022
Everything You Need to Know About Fireplace Insert Safety Anytime the word 'fire' enters a conversation, the word 'safety' is not far behind. And with good reason, especially in California,… Read More
A gas fireplace insert warming a beautiful Bay Area Home

Can I Have a Fireplace Installed, If I Don’t Have a Chimney?

Oct 28, 2022
The Best Fireplaces for Homes and Condominiums Without Chimneys   Once upon a time, if you wanted to add a fireplace to your home, you needed a mason, because you needed… Read More
happy family sitting in front of their fire place smiling

Your Guide to Fireplaces vs. Fireplace Inserts

Sep 22, 2022
Is a fireplace insert better than a fireplace?  There’s nothing more comforting and cozy than a nice warm fire in the fireplace in the winter. Or is there? How about… Read More
create entertaining space in your backyard with an outdoor fire feature like a fire table

The Best Fire Features to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Apr 18, 2022
4 Fire Features to Inspire Your Backyard Renovation Project From gathering around the fire to toast marshmallows with family, to stargazing late into the night with that special someone, outdoor… Read More
A gas fireplace insert warming a beautiful Bay Area Home

6 Ways a Gas Fireplace Insert Can Save You Money

Mar 1, 2022
Will a Gas Fireplace Insert Save Me Money? Bay Area homeowners are no strangers to fluctuating temperatures throughout the year. While our area is undeniably beautiful, it’s not uncommon to… Read More
cat lounges in front of well decorated fireplace mantel

3 Fireplace Mantel Decorating Tips for the Holidays

Nov 23, 2021
Interior Design Tips on Decorating Your Fireplace Mantel for this Holiday Season During the holiday season, there is no doubt that your fireplace is the heart of your home. Nothing… Read More
happy family sitting in front of their fire place smiling

5 Benefits of a Gas Fireplace

Sep 25, 2020
Benefits that Prove Buying a Gas Fireplace Is Totally Worth It Summer is coming to a close, and many Bay Area residents are getting ready to get cozy with the… Read More
fireplace insert in modern living area

Fireplace Inserts Explained

Sep 9, 2020
Many homeowners begin to start thinking about cozy nights around the fireplace during this time of year. With autumn approaching, there is no better time to start planning for those… Read More
Which fireplace insert is best

Gas, Wood, or Pellets: Which Fireplace Insert is Right for Me?

Jan 25, 2017
Whether you’re replacing a traditional wood-burning fireplace, building a new house, or retrofitting your home- Deciding exactly which fireplace insert is right for your needs can be a challenging task.… Read More
Gas Fireplace Insert

Why You Should Convert Your Traditional Fireplace to a Gas Insert or Fireplace

Jan 4, 2017
On cold winter nights in the Bay Area, wood smoke is the second-hand smoke of topmost concern, filling neighborhoods with fine particle pollution that is as harmful to your health… Read More
Davinci Fireplace Insert

How Do Fireplace Inserts Work, Are They Safe, And Is It Worth The Money?

Dec 27, 2016
Fireplace inserts are a popular choice for many homeowners looking to retain the charm of their traditional fireplace but improve both its fuel efficiency and heat output. How Do Fireplace… Read More
Gas Insert

Gas Inserts Transform Your Home

Jun 23, 2016
A Simple Change - A Big Transformation A gas fireplace insert may seem like a somewhat inconsequential change to a home. However, once installed, that gas insert may transform how… Read More
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Apr 22, 2016
At Creative Energy, earth day isn't just one day - it's everyday. We carefully select our products and the companies we partner with to be sure they are earth conscious and Eco-friendly.… Read More
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