5 Ways a Fireplace Insert Can Add Value to Your Home

A fireplace insert is a self-contained heating unit that is installed inside an existing masonry fireplace, improving energy efficiency, function, and design instantly. Beyond providing warmth and ambiance, a high-quality and skillfully installed insert can also yield a great return on investment (ROI) and boost the value of a home. In this blog, we list ways a fireplace insert can increase home value, bringing light to benefits like efficiency, beauty, and more. 

1. Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Gas Fireplace Insert

Fireplace inserts are some of the most energy-efficient home heating systems available, allowing you to enjoy not only warmth and comfort, but cost savings as well. 

An insert is designed to seal off your existing fireplace, which insulates your home by preventing warm air from escaping through the chimney. This greatly reduces energy waste by making it so that your fireplace doesn’t need to work overtime to warm a space that can’t properly contain heat. 

Modern fireplace inserts also use advanced combustion technology to burn fuel more efficiently, which produces more heat in a shorter amount of time, contributing to your overall energy savings. 

2. Aesthetic Enhancement and Curb Appeal

Fireplace inserts create a cozy and inviting atmosphere that can make a home more visually appealing to prospective buyers. Homes with aesthetically pleasing fireplace inserts are generally perceived as more valuable or luxurious and may sell faster. 

In fact, according to data from Redfin, homes with fireplaces listed for 13% more than the national average—and an insert is the perfect way to make yours stand out from the rest. 

The options are endless when it comes to choosing a fireplace insert, and you can select from a wide range of colors, shapes, materials, and styles. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and contemporary or elegant and rustic, there truly is an option for every taste. 

3. Low Maintenance Luxury

430 Deluxe Gas Fireplace Insert.

One of the key advantages of a fireplace insert is how easy to use and care for they are. With a gas fireplace insert or an electric fireplace insert, you can easily enjoy the warmth of a fire with the simple push of a button. While all fireplaces will require some upkeep, the requirements for inserts are very low, and with routine inspections by a qualified technician, maintenance is a breeze. 

This ease and convenience are great selling points that can not only enhance the comfort of your home but also add to the perceived luxury which increases its overall value as well. 

4. Safety and Peace of Mind

Fireplace inserts are equipped with features such as heat-resistant glass doors, insulated fireboxes, and advanced ventilation systems, making them one of the safest heating options for a home. In addition to reducing risks, these safety features make great selling points for potential buyers. 

5. Environmental Advantages

34 DVL Gas Fireplace Insert with Classic Arch Face, Greystone Fireback, Driftwood Fyre-Art.

Environmentally friendly features make great selling points in any home, and a fireplace insert is one of them. In comparison to traditional fireplaces, an insert significantly reduces emissions, lowering your environmental footprint overall.

A traditional fireplace emits pollutants like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and fine particles, into the environment as well as your home. This can have poor effects on the environment as well as your respiratory health. Fireplace inserts are a more eco-friendly alternative, that produce little to no byproducts and are equipped with sophisticated ventilation features that drastically reduce emissions as well.

An insert can also decrease your reliance on central heating systems by providing a more controlled and efficient heat source, which saves even more energy. This not only benefits the environment but can also lower your monthly energy bill, which can add to your home’s overall value.

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Investing in a fireplace insert is about more than just comfort and luxury; it’s an investment in its property value as well. Whether you’re looking to reduce heating costs, boost the visual appeal of your living space, or increase your home’s resale potential, Creative Energy is here to help you find a fireplace insert that meets your needs.

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