4 Fire Features to Inspire Your Backyard Renovation Project

From gathering around the fire to toast marshmallows with family, to stargazing late into the night with that special someone, outdoor fire features are classic backyard accessories that everyone can love. If you’re looking to add value to your outdoor space and create a comfortable, fun, and beautiful area for friends and family to gather, adding a fire accessory to your backyard is one of the easiest solutions.

Today, homeowners have a large variety of different fire features and customizable styles to choose from. If you want to get the most out of your backyard upgrade with the addition of a fire accessory, this guide is for you! 

Read on to learn about some of the unique style options and customizable features to consider when looking for the perfect fire feature for your outdoor space.

1. Create the Ultimate Outdoor Lounge Area with a Fire Pit

As timeless as an outdoor fire pit is, basic is one thing they are certainly not! Built-in fire pits are an incredibly stylish backyard accessory that makes any outdoor space comfortable and inviting.

With a number of standard and optional features, you can customize your firepit to maximize your space for ultimate lounging year-round! Creative Energy fire pits come in a variety of different colors, textures, and stone veneer options. From more elegant and contemporary designs to rustic chiseled exteriors, you can find a fire accessory for any decorating style.

Contractor’s Model Firepit

Built-in fire pits are all artistically-designed to be stunningly beautiful and provide an inviting ambiance no matter what, but everyone’s personal design style is unique! If you’re looking to customize a fire feature for your outdoor space, the Contractor’s Model Firepit is the one for you. 

This pit is literally a blank slate for you to customize and design! Choose from an array of different colors and stone texture. You can even add your own stone veneer to create the fully customized fire pit of your dreams!

2. Add Outdoor Entertainment Space with a Fire Table

If you’re looking to elevate your entertainment game, then a fire table is probably perfect for you. Hosting a cocktail party or serving dinner outside? The alluring glow of a luxurious fire table is an experience your guests will likely never forget.  

Not only is a fire table a gorgeous ornamental addition to an outdoor entertainment area, but it is also incredibly functional when not in use! The comforting warmth of the fire is fantastic for chillier evenings outdoors. And on warm summer nights, you can still enjoy the low dancing flicker of a beautiful fire table. 

At Creative Energy, our fire tables are available in a large variety of shapes and sizes, to suit any outdoor space. We also offer a number of designs featuring countertops with artisan glass, reclaimed oak wood, smooth concrete, and black lava rock.

The French Barrel Oak Dining Firetable

One of our most popular styles is the French Barrel Oak Dining Firetable with its reclaimed wood-style tabletop. This gorgeous piece provides plenty of room for guests to gather around with drinks, food, appetizer platters, without feeling crowded. Plus, the table is tall enough to allow for a comfortable, yet formal setting to enjoy a meal or a cocktail or play a card or board game with friends.

3. Transform Small Outdoor Spaces with a Fire Bowl

Looking to transform a smaller outdoor area and add value to your home? A fire bowl is a perfect option for you. Our fire bowls are designed with a sleek and compact footprint, making them perfect for smaller spaces including patios and even balconies! ⁠

Like all our fire features, fire bowls are completely smokeless. This feature is essential for anyone with a smaller property or neighbors who live in very close proximity to you. This also makes bowls a great option for homes located in areas with “no burn” days. Fire bowls are also perfect for people who may have allergies and other aversions to smoke. 

32″ Fire Bowl

Our 32″ Fire Bowl is the perfect example of a highly stylish fire feature that can easily fit in almost any outdoor area. At 16” X 32”, this bowl sits slightly elevated off the ground while still being less than two feet tall, and under three feet wide. This fire bowl is handcrafted from durable reinforced concrete and is available in a variety of colors and textures. With a simple yet sophisticated style, this fire urn looks great in a variety of settings. 

4. Light Up the Night with a Fire Urn

Due to its incredibly unique design, compact footprint, and incredible efficiency, the Fire Urn is another incredibly popular fire feature style. From extremely modern vase shapes to more elaborate Roman-style designs, you can find a fire urn to suit any space.

The Etruscan Fire Urn

Our Etruscan Fire Urn is one of the most popular choices. It features both carved out and raised detailing, and offers a beautiful presentation whether it’s in use or not. It has an easy-to-adjust flame size, and 5lbs propane tank hidden behind a removable door as well. You can enjoy the warm ambiance of this beautiful fire urn all night long. 

Enjoy Full-Service Delivery of Any Fire Accessory from Creative Energy

Adding new outdoor fire features to your backyard can completely transform your backyard space. Better yet, when you buy a fire feature from Creative Energy you get full-service delivery! We have been the Bay Area’s #1 leading provider in fire features for over 40 years. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality care and products to all of our customers. You can peruse our entire catalog of styles online. View our selection of luxurious fire features in person at one of our Bay Area showrooms in San Mateo, San Rafael, or Concord!