Warmer weather brings big ideas, like building a pool. But, some yards don’t have the room, and some people don’t have the budget. A great alternative for small backyards is a swim spa. It has the same amenities of a pool, but a significantly smaller price point and size.

Swim Spas and Small Yards

Swim spas are built to handle both rigorous or casual behavior, and can be used all year round. With minor exterior design changes, they can help you maximize your small backyard in the best way possible. 

Just because you have a small backyard doesn’t mean you have to downsize on accessories that you want. All it takes is minor adjustments to your yard decor, and making sure your swim spa complements your yard in the best way possible. Perhaps, making the swim spa the main center of attention, or allow it to live on unused space. 

Swim Spa Sizes for Small Backyards

Swim spas can range from 11’ to 20’. 11’ to 15’ swim spas are more favorable for small backyards. For example, The E500 Endless Pools Fitness System is a 15’ swim spa so it can readily fit into a smaller space while still providing the enjoyment of a backyard summer pool. 

The smallest Endless Pools models are most often purchased to relieve muscle pain and relaxation, but all swim spas have the capability to provide the amenities of a pool and a hot tub in one; some having less room than others. 

Swim Spa Installation in Small Backyards

The key to figuring out where your swim spa should go, is first determining how to best take advantage of the space you have. Making sure that it is not in the way of communal areas, while being accessible as can be can be tricky. Some prefer to have it right on the patio, while others created a raised deck for multipurpose use. It’s really about what will work and look best in your yard. 

Location is the most important factor of the swim spa because it ensures accessibility, privacy, and aesthetic. If your swim spa is in a location that doesn’t suit these components, it will feel like a drag and a waste of time, energy and money. Swim spas can maximize small backyard space efficiently without feeling crowded. 

Questions to ask when installing a swim spa are: “Am I able to get to and from the house?” “Is there an available power source where the spa will go?” “Is it going to look good there?” etc. 

It is recommended that there be at least 3 feet of space on either side of the spa for easy access for equipment if needs be; which is another important factor to consider when choosing where to put the spa. 

Important Maintenance Tips To Remember 

  1. Make sure your water is clear: Water is the most important component of the swim spa after all, so it’s important that everything is clean. You can do this by simply looking into the spa from above and looking to see the bottom. In order to keep the water fresh, be sure to sanitize after every use with a water clarifier such as dichlor. Depending on your model, you may also want to change your filter cycles in order to improve the water quality.
  1. Clean Your Filters: Cleaning the filter is very important if you want to keep your swim spa clear. If you, or other occupants, wear oils or sunscreens in the swim spa, it can clog the filters. You should be cleaning your filters once a week, and a trick to make life easier is to buy two. That way, when it’s time to clean the old ones, you have a fresh filter to use in the meantime. 
  1. Use Your Cover: Using your spa cover protects your spa from debris and the natural surrounding environment. The cover also acts as a seal so that water and heat can’t escape. Remember to always use your cover when the spa is not being used. 

Swim Spas To Consider For Small Backyards

The Swimcross X200 swim spa is a smaller 12’ model built for fitness and fun. The jetted swim current has 5 settings and 4 jets, which is perfect for a full body exercise followed by a relaxing hydro massage. 

The Swimcross X500 Is the 15’ version of the X200.

The Recsport R200 swim spa is another 12’ model designed for low impact exercises and enjoyment. This spa has adjustable currents and airless swim jets that allow you to modify your workouts. It is equipped with 5 seats and 27 hydromassage jets that you, and the family, can enjoy together. 

The R500 is the 15’ version of the R200. 

The Endless Pools E500 swim spa is a 15’ model that can be altered for anyone. The deep current adds resistance to your workouts, and the Underwater treadmill allows you to run in a low impact environment.