Everyone knows exercising is good for you. With the added benefits of hydrotherapy, swim spas are the perfect at-home fitness system. An Endless Pools Swim Spa is like a private aquatic gym. You can work out in the privacy of your own home and at your own pace. Plus, no matter what your current fitness level is, you’ll love exercising in a swim spa to reach for your wellness goals, while enjoying the health benefits of a spa. 

6 Health Benefits of Exercising in a Swim Spa 

Moving your at home workout routine underwater is a healthy choice no matter what your age. Aquatic fitness can improve your health and get those endorphins flowing. Here are just six ways a swim spa workout can improve your health.  

Low Impact, Full-Body Work Outs at Home 

One of the best things about being immersed in water while exercising is the amount of stress and strain that is taken off of your bones, joints, and tendons. You’re lighter in water because the pull of gravity on your body is offset by the water. Swimming is often the first exercise a physical therapist will recommend for someone recovering from an injury. The buoyancy of the water provides a low impact activity to improve mobility and endurance, with much less strain on the body or risk of further injury.  

Better yet, swim spas aren’t just for swimming. When you run, jog, or cycle in water, the buoyancy reduces the impact on your joints and spine. You can also do your lunges, squats, aerobics, and more, adjusting the current down for better stability. Doing your workout in the in warm water keeps the blood flowing to your muscles to keep them limber, which helps reduce risk of injury as well.  

With an Underwater Treadmill or Aquabike, it’s easy to design a full body workout that is low impact and effective, while adding the hydrotherapy benefits of taking them under water. 

Endless Pools® Aquabike 

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Improve Balance 

If you’ve ever stood in ocean surf, you know how much the water can challenge your balance. That might be dangerous at the beach, but in a controlled environment like a swim spa, the adjustable current is perfect for improving your balance. Performing balancing exercises on land can increase your risk of injury, if you lose your balance. However, in the safe, warm water of a swim spa you can safely improve your body’s ability to adjust and stay upright when going about your day.  

Build Strength and Endurance  

Adjusting the current in the swim spa, increases the resistance as you’re working out, to build muscle strength and endurance. It’s just like increasing the incline on a treadmill or adding more weight to a weight-training machine, but in water. Isometrics, running, jogging, walking, and aerobics can all turn into strength training when you add some current.  

Increase Mobility and Flexibility  

The hydrotherapy of the warm current provides amazing therapeutic effects on your physical and mental wellbeing by combining heat, water, and massage. These three factors are the essential elements of this life-changing water therapy, which helps with joint pain and improves flexibility. When you exercise in this environment, the resistance from the water while moving also helps improve your range of motion. So, a gentle exercise to regain strength is gentler still, and more therapeutic, when done in a swim spa.  

Promote Good Circulation 

Swim spa hydrotherapy has been proven to help lower blood pressure, improve heart rate, and increase circulation throughout your body through the therapeutic combination of heat and massage. Swimming can do all of that for you as well. When you combine the two, in your own personal swim spa, the benefits abound. That experience of feeling lighter and the warm pressure of the water against the body can be a natural stress reliever, which also lowers blood pressure.  

Engage the Whole Family 

Having a swim spa in the backyard is a great way for all members of the family to find time and have easy access to their own aquatic gym. With the adjustable current, the swim spa can be personalized for every member of your family, no matter their age or fitness level.  

Enhance Your Exercise Routine with a Swim Spa from Creative Energy 

With a swim spa, you can say goodbye to gym membership fees and hello to your own personal aquatic fitness system. At Creative Energy, we have a wide selection of swim spas to get you started on your aquatic exercise regimen. Visit one of our Bay Area showrooms in San Rafael, San Mateo, and Concord, today, to find the best Endless Pools spa for your personal fitness needs.  

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