For many homeowners, having a hot tub is a dream come true, and installing it on your deck is a great way to make your spa a beautiful focal feature in your backyard. Hot tubs can weigh more than a few thousand pounds, but with the right team and installation plan, this backyard renovation project can be a breeze! 

In this guide, we outline the most important factors to take into consideration when having a hot tub installed on your deck. 

What’s the Average Weight of a Hot Tub?

Hot tubs can vary in shape, size, weight, and capacity depending on the model. For instance, a smaller model like our Highlife Jetsetter spa is designed for three adults and weighs around 455 pounds when empty, and 2,650 pounds filled with water. However, you will also need to consider the total weight of the hot tub with the addition of three adults enjoying a relaxing soak.

One of our largest models is our Hot Springs Pulse spa, which is designed for seven adults, weighs around 1,015 pounds empty, and 5,950 pounds filled. Again, this does not factor in the additional weight of the occupants.

Based on these estimates, you can assume the average weight of a medium-sized hot tub is around 750-850 pounds when empty. Our Hot Spring Envoy is one of our most popular five-person, medium-sized spa models. The Envoy hot tub weighs around 830 pounds when it’s empty, and 4,960 pounds filled with water.

Can My Deck Support A Hot Tub?

By design, decks can handle significant amounts of weight, but they will all have a max capacity they are engineered to hold. Below we have outlined some of the most important factors to consider to help determine if your deck is a good spot to put your hot tub:

Wear and Tear

When installing a new hot tub, it’s important to consider the age, wear, and general condition of your deck. Your backyard is exposed to the elements 24/7, so over time the materials used to construct your deck can become warped, or even begin to deteriorate and rot. If your deck is older, or in poor condition, it may need to be replaced, or require some maintenance before a hot tub can be safely installed.

Support Beams

To ensure optimal support, your hot tub should be installed over at least one support beam, which is likely placed every few feet below your deck. Without well-positioned support beams or posts, your deck will be unable to hold the hot tub’s weight. In such a case, you can have load-bearing support beams added. 


When considering having your spa installed on your deck, accessibility should be kept in mind. You will want to make sure there is enough room around the entire circumference of the hot tub for people to comfortably walk. This ensures your hot tub technicians can access everything they need for proper installation, routine maintenance, and cleaning.

Electrical, Water, and Drainage

Power requirements for hot tubs vary by model. The technicians at Creative Energy can help you determine if your deck has access to a sufficient amount of power for your model.

Similarly, you will occasionally need to top off the water level of your hot tub so your deck will need easy access to a water source. Your spa will also need to be drained and refilled two or three times a year. So you’ll want to ensure this will not be challenging, or create a possible hazard. 

Find the Best Hot Tub for Your Home, Lifestyle, and Budget at Creative Energy

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