Options for Installing a Swim Spa in the Ground

Swim spas are fantastic additions to backyards! Whether you are using them for recreational purposes or including them in your fitness routine, a swim spa is the perfect summer buy. If you are thinking about or recently purchased an Endless Pools swim spa, you might be thinking that it must remain above ground. You will be surprised to learn that there are a few different options for installing swim spas in your backyard!  While keeping a swim spa above ground is the easiest way to install a swim spa — not to mention transport it to a new location if you ever move — many homeowners prefer the look of in-ground pools. Let’s look at a few different ways you can install a swim spa in your backyard to reflect your own personal style and preferences:

Partially In-Ground Swim Spas

Installing your swim spa partially in the ground is one way to cut costs on a fully in-ground installation. While excavation costs can be high, many people choose swim spas over traditional swimming pools because their maintenance costs are lower, heating is more affordable, and more space is preserved in backyards for other things, like gardens and patios.

One of the perks of installing a swim spa partially in-ground is the seating it provides! The perimeter of the swim spa is instantly converted into abundant seating for swim spa users.

Installing a swim spa partially in-ground also makes for easy access in and out of the pool. This is great for individuals with limited mobility.

Building a Deck around Your Partially In-Ground Swim Spa

We love the idea of constructing a deck around your partially in-ground swim spa! A raised deck can create an in-ground appearance without the excavation costs. Entering your swim spa directly from your deck makes for quick and easy access, especially when built off the side of a house. Just imagine waking up every morning and walking from your bedroom and into your own personal aquatic fitness system… 

In-Ground Swim Spa Installation

Fully in-ground excavation costs can be expensive, but installation is 100% possible and the benefits are worth it. Not only is this one of the most attractive ways to install a swim spa, similar to building a deck around a partially in-ground pool, it provides the easiest access in and out.  

When you consider the benefits of swim spas in general, you’ll immediately see the return on investment of installing your swim spa completely in-ground. Say goodbye to expensive pool maintenance and gym memberships. With a swim spa right in your own backyard, you will reap the benefits of a complete aquatic exercise system as well as recreational fun for the whole family, all in your own backyard.

Check out this video from Endless Pools about planning your outdoor in-ground swim spa installation:

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