Using Your Hot Tub to Improve Your Well Being with Hydrotherapy

Did you know? Hot tub hydrotherapy has been proven to lower blood pressure and heart rate, while increasing circulation and relieving stress and tension throughout your body. Recorded use of this type of therapy has been found to date back thousands of years to treat a variety of conditions. 

Today, hydrotherapy is commonly used to treat maladies such as arthritis or other rheumatic symptoms, nerve damage, sleep disorders, and much more. When added to a physical therapy routine, these warm water treatments have also proven to be a great aid in recovery.   

Through the use of your very own home spa, you can experience the many health benefits of hydrotherapy in the comfort of your own home. At Creative Energy we understand that a hot tub is not a simple luxury item, but a tool that can be used to greatly benefit your everyday life.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of adding hot tub hydrotherapy to your wellness routine, and the positive effects daily soaks can have on your overall health.

How Does Hot Tub Hydrotherapy Work?

Hydrotherapy helps maximize your health and provide amazing therapeutic effects on your physical and mental well being by combining heat, water, and massage. These three factors are the essential elements of this life-changing water therapy technique.


Hot tub hydrotherapy is a great way to unwind and let your stress melt away. Soaking in your hot tub for as little as 15 minutes at a time will naturally raise your core temperature which will improve your blood flow. This increased circulation can help loosen tension throughout your body and produce many beneficial results in your daily life. 

Many personal spa owners report that their daily soaks leave them feeling more relaxed and relieved of daily stress. This allows many users to get better sleep at night and wake up feeling more rested and ready for the day ahead.


When you soak in water, your body weight is reduced but up to 90%. This buoyancy alleviates the pressure constantly exerted on your body. Your hardworking joints, sore muscles, and tight ligaments are able to take a well-deserved break from the everyday strain they endure. 

This element of hydrotherapy is essential to aid in reducing our chronic aches and pains that come along with aging. Even as we sleep, our bodies are never fully at rest. The floating suspension you experience while soaking in a hot tub provides the ideal environment your body requires to properly recharge.


The high powered jets available in most personal home spas creates the third fundamental factor of hydrotherapy. Jetted massage can deliver targeted pressure to the most used muscle groups in your body. 

Massaging hot tub jets release the tension that has built up over time throughout your muscular system, allowing you to experience full relaxation. Your body is then able to release lactic acid build-up and produce endorphins. This natural pain-killing hormone is then circulated throughout your muscles more efficiently due to increased blood flow.

Get a Complete Hydrotherapy Experience from Creative Energy

For over 30 years the Creative Energy team has been helping Bay Area customers find the perfect hot tub for their home and lifestyle. We pride ourselves on carrying the world’s #1 best selling hot tub brands at affordable prices for any budget. 

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