Swim Spas vs Swimming Pools: Which Is Better?

If you live in the Bay Area, you are likely starting to feel the weather warm up and beginning to imagine long, hot summer days in your backyard. Many Northern California homeowners dream of owning swimming pools for maxsimum summer enjoyment but are less excited about the maintenance, space, and overall investment they require. Here at Creative Energy, we have the perfect solution: Endless Pools swim spas!

Swim spas offer all sorts of health and recreational benefits. Depending on the Endless Pools model you choose, you can enjoy an adjustable swim current, equip your swim spa with aquatic exercise equipment, or enjoy an attached hot tub with the whole family. 

Read on to find out more reasons why swim spas outshine swimming pools in Bay Area backyards.

What is a Swim Spa?

Swim spas are designed to allow you to enjoy all the perks of a traditional pool in a more space-efficient way, as well as added benefits. A swim spa creates a continuous current for you to swim against, providing an endless swimming experience while occupying a minimal amount of space in your backyard.

Should I Consider Swim Spas or Swimming Pools?

Whether above or below ground, traditional swimming pools require a very large footprint. This will limit the remaining space you can use in your backyard, and possibly require extensive (and expensive!) construction. Once installed, most pools are simply stagnant bodies of water that require strong chemicals to keep them clean and functional. 

Swim spas are designed to be the most space- and energy-efficient recreational water features you can add to your backyard. The biggest difference between a personal swim spa and a swimming pool is not just the size, but also the technology. The high-tech advantages of your swim spa create endless fun, relaxation, and exercise in your own backyard.

Swim Spas and Your Health

With a swim spa, you transform your backyard into your own personal health club. Endless Pools swim spas are engineered with your health in mind, combining aquatic exercise with the perks of swimming pools and hot tubs.

Customizable swim jets create a personalized resistance for your fitness routine or a healing hydro-massage therapy for ample relaxation. You can customize your swim spa with a large variety of accessories like an underwater treadmill or an aquatic bike. Some swim spas are arranged to include a separate heated hot tub that can be used in conjunction with the endless pool.

Swim Spas and Your Home

Because your personal swim spa is more compact, it requires less water. With less water to worry about keeping clean, you will be exposed to far less chlorine and other harsh chemicals. This can also reduce or completely eliminate any chemical odors that may be disruptive to some users’ enjoyment.

Compared to a traditional above-ground pool, relocating your swim spa will be a breeze. Whether you are preparing to move it to a new spot in your yard, or to a new home entirely, the time spent draining it and preparing it for transport is far less than a swimming pool.

Swim Spas and Your Lifestyle

Whether you are looking for a fun and relaxing way to spend more time with friends and family or you are training for a triathlon, there is a swim spa model perfect for you. At Creative Energy, we want to make sure your new swim spa is the perfect fit for your lifestyle. That is why we offer all our Bay Area customers a free in-home backyard consultation. 

During our visit, we will help you pick the best spa for your needs and home. We will also curate a delivery and installation plan to ensure your swim spa is ready to use the day it arrives.

Ditch Traditional Swimming Pools and Opt for a Swim Spa from Creative Energy

Traditional swimming pools are bulky and high maintenance, so consider the swim spa instead. From consideration to installation, our experts are eager to assist you with the highest quality customer care. We offer free consultations to help you pick the perfect swim spa for your lifestyle, as well as full-service installation and delivery. We also offer cleaning, repair, and annual maintenance services.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today! Better yet, stop by one of our San Francisco Bay Area showrooms in San Rafael, San Mateo, and Concord.