In order to maintain a clean Hot Tub, the water requires two things, sanitizer and oxidizer. A sanitizer’s role is to kill any bacteria and viruses that thrive in hot water, effectively disinfecting the water. An effective sanitizer will inhibit bacterial growth over a period of time. Some of the common sanitizers that we sell are Nature-2 Silver ion cartridges and Chlorine.  We always recommend that even when using the Silver Ion cartridge, that Chlorine is added once a week as an extra precaution.

An oxidizer has a few roles. The first is to destroy organics in the water that bacteria uses for food in order to grow. The second is to burn dead bacteria, body sweat, and other organic material out of the water.  Oxidizers also help cure cloudy and odorous water. The most common oxidizer we sell is called MPS, which in essence is Potassium salt.

A couple things we always tell customers to remember is to combine sanitizers (Nature-2 & Chlorine) if more people use the Hot Tub more frequently than normal, and to make sure to add oxidizers after each use.

Lastly please remember to drain the Hot Tub at least 2 times a year and clean those filters with a filter cleaner/degreaser. You can always contact your local showroom for more information!