If you think that summer is an odd time to consider a fireplace purchase, think again! Electric fireplaces provide all of the coziness and atmosphere of a real crackling fireplace while emitting minimal amounts of heat. An electric Bay Area fireplace is the perfect accompaniment to a mild evening—even in the summer.

An electric fireplace can plug into an ordinary wall socket. There’s no need for installation or setup fees. Just place it where you want it and plug it in! You can choose the finish and style that best matches your home, from modern to traditional. Avalon models available at Creative Energy come with a wood finish and a metal grate and bring to mind the quality and durability of a built-in fireplace. Make sure to select a low heat model for summer nights.

If you own a hot tub, Bay Area weather can make it even easier to relax on warm summer days. If you don’t want to transition from a hot soak to a cold living room, an electric fireplace can help remove that indoor chill without greatly increasing the indoor temperature. Summer days are warmer but a slight chill usually lingers at night. When you just want to relax beside subtle flames, turn on your low-heat fireplace, grab a book and unwind. Or curl up and sip some tea with your favorite person.