Hot Tubs are a great outlet for relaxation and entertaining. In fact that’s two of the three main reasons (the latter being therapy) why our customers buy our Hot Spring Spas. Mantaining a Hot Tub can seem a little daunting to a new owner, but it doesn’t have to be so. Here are the few common problems people experience with their water and quick fixes to solve them:

The Hot Tub Takes a Long Time to Heat

A dirty filter is often the culprit. Turn the tub off at the circuit breaker, clear the tub of debris and remove the filter. After 15 minutes, turn the power back on at the circuit breaker and run the tub for up to half an hour. No one should enter the hot tub during this time. If the tub heats up while the filter is removed, a dirty filter was to blame for excessive heating time. Cleaning a filter is easy, just purchase a filter cleaner/degreaser from any of your local Creative Energy locations and we will walk you through the steps.

Skin and Eyes Experience Irritation

The water’s pH level may be too low or too high. Tub owners should test the pH level and adjust it if necessary. Irritation can also be caused by oils, cosmetics and lotions. Shocking the spa will help decrease the contamination. Bathers must be kept out of the hot tub until the chlorine level is back to normal. Please remember to test the PH/Alkalinity of the water on the weekly basis, it will make the Hot Tub water much easier to maintain.

Water is Cloudy

This is usually the cause of a bigger than normal bather load or dirty filters. Shocking the Hot Tub & rinsing out the filters normally solves the problem. Using a water clarifier could also help.

Water Foams Excessively

Water that foams too much is a common problem that often results from deodorants, hair products, lotions or laundry detergent residue. Spa owners can deal with this problem by applying defoamer to the hot tub system. Care should be taken not to spill beverages into a hot tub because carbonation can also contribute to foaming.

Scale Accumulates on Hot Tub surfaces.

Scale formation commonly occurs in areas with hard water. Scale deposits create stains and often accumulate inside the hot tub jets. Tub owners should test the pH in the tub. If it is above 7.8, they should add a pH-lowering product, according to manufacturer guidelines.

If you’re seeking advice regarding the purchase or maintenance of hot tubs in San Mateo, San Francisco, or Concord, Creative Energy can help! Our service and repair page provides you with all the resources you need to maintain your hot tub and enjoy years of relaxation.