Bay Area Backyard Gas Firepit Safety Tips

At Creative Energy we want to help all our Bay Area customers get the most out of their outdoor space year-round! With our large selection of outdoor gas fire pits, fire tables, fire bowls, and urns we are confident we have the perfect addition for your backyard. Nothing beats spending a chilly fall evening around the firepit with friends or family. But before gathering around your new fire accessory this season make sure to follow these seven gas firepit safety tips. 

1. Always Have a Fire Extinguisher Nearby

Using water to extinguish your natural gas or propane fire pit can cause damage and crack ceramic parts of the unit. In the event of an emergency, use a dry-chemical fire extinguisher, like the kind you should be using in your home kitchen. 

Knowing how to use your fire extinguisher safely is an important part of owning an outdoor fire unit. Most fire extinguishers have a usable range of up to six to ten feet and require a yearly annual inspection to ensure they are fully operational.

2. Inspect Your Firepit Before Each Use

Even though your gas fire pit doesn’t produce embers or ash, you’ll still need to keep it tidy and check the pit before each use. To help keep it free from debris or other combustible materials like falling leaves, keep it covered when it is not in use. A cover can also protect your pit from any inclement weather such as rain or frost. If it does get dirty, you can easily clean it with a soft brush or a damp cloth.

3. Never Leave the Gas On When Not In Use

To ensure safety, close the natural gas or propane line connected to your firepit whenever it is not being used. Every fire unit from Creative Energy comes with a removable door so you can easily access the gas tank inside. This will also ensure the pit can never be accidentally ignited and eliminates the possibility of a gas leak. 

4. Keep Children and Animals 3 Feet Away

To help prevent accidents, keep all small children and family pets at least three feet away from your firepit. Residual heat could pose a risk to wandering hands or curious animals, so never leave the area unattended by an adult, even if the firepit is not actively in use.

5. Never Leave a Fire Unattended

One of the many benefits of a gas firepit is how easily it can be ignited or extinguished with the flip of a switch. Always extinguish the fire and turn the gas line off before leaving the space and never leave your gas firepit unintended for any period of time. 

6. Consider the Weather Before Igniting a Fire

Check your local weather forecast before using your gas firepit. Inclimate weather and backyard fire accessories can create a dangerous situation for even the most responsible and experienced operators. It is not wise to use your firepit if strong winds or dry conditions are forecasted for your area.

7. Maintain a 10’ Perimeter

Your gas fire pit will need to be installed a minimum of ten feet away from any structure or combustible surface in your backyard. After your firepit is set up and ready for use, you will need to maintain this perimeter to ensure the safety of your space. 

Trim back any low hanging tree limbs or branches surrounding your fire pit. Keep all of your patio furniture, cleaning products, play structures, or other flammable outdoor items at least ten feet away from each other and your fire unit all times.

Learn More Gas Firepit Safety Tips from the Experts at Creative Energy 

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