If you’re looking into Bay Area hot tubs but have made a purchase yet, wait no more! It’s time to relax and enjoy the health benefits of hydromassage. Hot tub jets provide hydromassage, which can benefit both the body and mind.

Massage and hydromassage are well-known relaxation aides. Hydromassage is especially suited for sore muscles and body aches because the pressure of the massage is combined with soothing hot water. This combination also makes hot tubs and hydromassage very effective against insomnia. The drop in body temperature after a hot shower or bath helps the body to understand that it is time to rest, so the high temperatures of a hot tub make the massage even more effective for getting to sleep.

If you suffer from other aches and pains or arthritis, you will love hydromassage. Traditional massages can be too harsh and can put extra stress on delicate joints. Hydromassage with a hot tub uses jets of water that you control. You can position them exactly where you need them the most, and you’re also in control of their strength. Heat will relax and soften your muscles while the jets can massage the pain away. If you have stress or insomnia problems, you can say goodbye to them. Those with diabetes can suffer from poor circulation, but the combined heat and hydromassage can increase blood flow throughout the body.

Combine a relaxing hydromassage in your hot tub with a San Francisco fireplace. Nothing tops off a night of relaxation better than a warm, crackling fireplace. When used properly, a hot tub can ease muscles and joints and soothe away stress. Contact one of our Bay Area showrooms located in San Rafael, San Mateo, and Concord today for a more relaxing evening tomorrow.