Outdoor living is a given in the Bay Area where hot tubs are popular. They are relaxing and fun, provided their owners enjoy them safely. To help customers make the most of their hot tubs, Creative Energy offers the following tips.

Always, under all circumstances, supervise children near hot tubs to avoid the potential for drowning. While our Hot Spring Highlife Spas have zero bypasses, and no suction fittings that can cause hair entrapment, it is still a large body of water, that does require child supervision.

A safe water temperature is 98 degrees Fahrenheit which is a manageable temperature that’s equal to the average temperature of the human body. For children, the water should be even cooler, and they should curb the time spent in the Hot Tub to only about 15 minutes. Our Hot Spring models have a temperature reading built into the main display, so always keep a steady check on the water temperature..
White Hot Tubs can be a great place to relax for those with a heart condition; we advise being mindful of one’s heart rate since it can increase in hot water.  Always check with the doctor before using the Hot Tub for those with heart problems.

Over or under sanitizing the Hot Tub can cause skin irritation for both children and adults. Dissolve individual chemicals in water and then add them individually to the hot tub. Check the water chemistry once a week with a test-strip.  Store cleaners and other treatment agents in a cool, ventilated area out of children’s reach. A hot tub should be PH balanced and maintained regularly.

If you drink alcohol or take medication, be aware that higher temperatures can increase their effects. Avoid alcoholic beverages while in the hot tub—hydrate with water or other drinks instead to replenish your body’s moisture and prevent dehydration.
Use a handrail and steps for climbing in and out of the hot tub.
Avoid falls by having non-slip walkways and surfaces surrounding the area.
Keep all electrical devices a safe distance from the hot tub.
Finally, have your hot tub checked and maintained regularly by a professional. Hot tubs and saunas in San Francisco and surrounding areas can be a safe means of relaxation if you follow the mentioned safety tips. If you’re interested in purchasing a hot tub or sauna, contact Creative Energy—we’re here to answer your questions and help point you in the right direction.