SilkBalance Basics

SilkBalance uses a unique formula that is simple to use and cleans your bay area hot tub while keeping your skin moisturized. It is scent-free, contains no known allergens and is environmentally friendly. In addition, SilkBalance does not have the chemical smell of most other hot tub water treatments, and it does not irritate sensitive skin. After soaking in the hot tub, you smell like nothing more than pure, clean water, and it leaves your skin smooth and moist.

SilkBalance Technology

The SilkBalance formula makes use of biofilm dispersion technology (BDT). BDT prevents the buildup of bacteria and algae in hot tubs and spas. This is accomplished, in part, by reducing the water’s surface tension. The surface tension becomes so low that harmful organisms cannot gather and reproduce on top of the water. The SilkBalance formula also maintains stable pH levels, which further reduces skin irritations or harmful chemical effects. SilkBalance also removes excess metals and minerals from the water. These minerals are the primary source of corrosion to plumbing, hot tub filters and pumps.

Using SilkBalance

SilkBalance is easy to use. Other water treatments require you to check the water’s pH and calcium levels on a regular basis. If testing shows that levels are off, then you must measure the proper amount of chemicals to add and test the water again to make sure it has adjusted properly. SilkBalance uses a self-regulating formula that eliminates the need for testing. As long as you pour four ounces into your standard-sized hot tub or spa every week, no other water treatments are necessary. One bottle of SilkBalance is enough to treat up to 500 gallons of water for four months.

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