5 Benefits of a 20-minute Hot Tub Soak 

So many things in life that we enjoy are not necessarily good for us, or not something that we can do every day. Most people would agree that a soak in a hot tub is enjoyable. But is soaking in a hot tub every day good for you? Fortunately, you can enjoy daily relaxing soaks in your own personal spa, knowing that it’s good for your health.  

In this article, you’ll find that a 20-minute hot tub soak ticks several of those “good for me” boxes, including: pain relief, better sleep, stress relief, lower blood pressure, better circulation, and an improved immune system.  

1. Relief for Achy Muscles and Joints 

All of us suffer, at one time or another, from joint pain, whether it’s just from temporary tension, overuse, or something more chronic. Hot Tub Hydrotherapy can help ease the pain of arthritis, fibromyalgia, and many other types of joint pain.  

When added to a physical therapy routine, these warm water treatments have also proven to be a great aid in joint injury recovery. A 20-minute hot tub soak can bring this pain relief right to your backyard.   

2. Better Night’s Sleep 

According to the National Sleep Foundation guidelines, adults who are 64 years old and younger should get seven to nine hours of sleep per night. Adults over 65 require seven to eight hours of sleep. Getting enough sleep, and quality sleep refreshes the body and mind. When we are unable to get this fortifying rest, we can suffer from grogginess, mood swings, feelings of depression, anxiety, and more.  

Hydrotherapy can help curb insomnia and other improve sleep habits by relaxing your body and mind before bedtime. Adding a nightly soak, and perhaps an earlier bedtime, to your daily routine could help provide more restful sleep, better equipping you for the day ahead.   

3. Stress Relief 

Personal spas help to relieve the stress of a fast-paced lifestyle and provide deep relaxation after a long day. The combination of targeted jet massage and the warmth of the spa water loosens muscles, relieves tension, and quiets the mind, for ultimate stress relief.  

If you don’t yet have a hot tub, consider our list of the best hot tubs for stress relief.  

4. Reduced Blood Pressure and Improved Circulation 

A 20-minute soak in a hot tub can improve your circulation and reduce your blood pressure to provide many health benefits and increased energy. When you are emerged in warm water, your body’s inner temperature naturally rises. Your blood vessels, in response, widen, to keep you cool, which lowers your blood pressure. Your heart responds by beating faster, which increases blood flow throughout your body.    

5. Immunity Boost  

Our immune system helps us stave off sickness and infections. Daily stress, chronic pain, and restless sleep can weaken your immune system. Especially when spending more time indoors, or around a lot of people, having a healthy immune system is vital. A daily, 20-minute hot tub soak can relieve stress, help you sleep, and reduce chronic muscle aches, improving your body’s ability to fight off the next virus before it takes hold.    

Why Soak for 20 Minutes?  

You may be wondering why the suggested time is 20 minutes. This is not a hard and fast rule, but there are health guidelines to consider. A shorter soak may not give the full benefit and give your mind and body time to settle. In addition, for some people, soaking in warm water for more than 30 minutes can result in dizziness, as the blood pressure is lowered. Monitor how you feel while using your hot tub, and set a timer for a time you know you can comfortably enjoy.  

Enjoy ALL the Health Benefits of Daily Soaks with a Hot Spring Spa from Creative Energy 

What better justification can you have to purchase the spa of your dreams? It’s good for you! And yes, we’ve counted the ways. Gift yourself with good health and daily enjoyment with a new hot tub. Your body and mind will thank you.  

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