When we think about Hot Tub benefits, we usually think of adults with back pain taking a long soak after another long day at work. We don’t really think of a Hot Tub as a healthy outlet for children, other than a place to have fun like a splash pool. My perception changed when my fiancé, who is a speech therapist, told me that high temperatures generated by a Hot Tub, can be beneficial for kids with autism.

I decided to delve further into the health benefits of Hot Tubs for children, and found this information on a blog from Alice Cunningham, Owner of Olympic Hot Tubs in Washington State.

“Physical therapist Kristin Cooley of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, which treats about 50 children a month with water therapy, says parents often can help with the therapy at home under a professional’s guidance. Cooley identifies benefits for these conditions:

* Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hot Tub Therapy.
The water’s buoyancy helps support a broader range of motion for children with joint inflammation and muscle weakness while the water’s resistance helps strengthen muscles. Jet turbulence in the tub can teach better balance, and kids can boost their endurance with aerobic exercises in the water. Take it easy during a flare-up, but otherwise encourage more activity during the session.

* Cystic Fibrosis and Asthma and Hot Tub Therapy.
The pressure of the water on the chests helps strengthen the diaphragm, leading to more lung capacity, breath control, and rib mobility. Because chemicals are evaporating from the water within 18 inches of the surface, children with these problems should spend only about10 minutes with their face that close, and maybe another 10 minutes waist-deep.

* Cerebral Palsy and Hot Tub Therapy. The water’s support helps children stand, walk and keep better balance. The jets and warm water loosen muscles and ease pain.
* Brittle Bones and Hot Tub Therapy. Children whose bones break easily because of osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) can exercise more safely in the water. The sessions strengthen their muscles and improve mobility and motor skills.

* Scoliosis and Hot Tub Therapy. Buoyancy and resistance in the water strengthen muscles on the weak side of the curved spine and even help improve the body’s alignment.

* Autism & Sensory Integration Dysfunction and Hot Tub Therapy. The physical sensation of water on the body helps calm children who have autism. The environment magnifies sounds and sights, including echoes and light reflecting off the water, in ways that can benefit the children.

* Spina Bifida and Hot Tub Therapy. Time in the water can help strengthen the upper body of children who suffer from the birth defect that leaves them with improperly formed vertebrae. The condition affects their center of gravity, and the tub sessions can help them learn to orient themselves.”

At Creative Energy we always advise that in order for kids to enjoy a safe bathing environment, the owner must have the water properly sanitized and maintained. Our Hot Spring Highlife line features a 100% NO-Bypass filtration, which is ideal for a clean bathing environment for kids.

Hot Spring Spa also offers the “Ace Saltwater” system as an option of keeping the water clean & clear without constant monitoring.

A safe water temperature for children is anywhere between 90 – 95 degrees. Lastly we ask that you consult with a physician before having the child use the Hot Tub. Please call your local Creative Energy Showroom if you have any further questions.