Partnering with a reputable local hot tub dealer versus going to Costco or purchasing a hot tub online is important for many reasons:

1. Big Box & online won’t give you post-purchase service for your spa

Need a repair or assistance with an issue you can’t quite figure out? If you don’t partner with a local dealer, you may be out of luck. Most big box stores do not offer service on their products. Meaning you’ll have to contact a professional and pay for everything out of pocket.

2. Cheaper doesn’t always mean better

Just because you can find a cheaper deal online doesn’t mean you’re getting a better deal. You could save money upon the initial purchase, but in the long run it will cost you when you eventually need maintenance, replacement parts, and additional expenses you didn’t anticipate because you didn’t have trusted professionals guiding your purchasing decision. Shop smart with your local dealer and it WILL pay off.

This means your out-of-pocket expenses for repairs under warranty within the first 5 years can only cost you $220 MAX.

3. No Hot Tub Warranty Protection

Most big box or online stores do not offer manufacturer warranties and instead offer their own private warranties for post-service repairs. As with any aftermarket warranty, these come in varying degrees of quality. Partnering with a trusted hot tub manufacturer and dealer means you get to take advantage of some of the best hot tub warranties in existence.

Purchasing a hot tub from Creative Energy means peace of mind in your investment. Every hot tub comes with up to 7 years of warranty coverage, giving you peace of mind about your purchase.

Our warranty and post-service repair commitment is invaluable:

  • 1st year after purchase: Any repairs under warranty are fixed on-site for free.
  • 2-5 years after purchase: Any repairs under warranty are fixed at a flat rate of $55 for the first repair. Should you have a second repair within that same year, it is taken care of for free.

4. No Chance to Test the Hot Tub Before Purchase

If you buy online, you can’t truly evaluate the product before buying. Creative Energy believes it is truly important to be able to see, touch, feel, and soak in a hot tub before you make your purchase.

5. Curbside Delivery

Most big box or online retailers only provide curbside delivery of your new hot tub. Meaning you’re left dealing with how to get it from your curb to your backyard. Moving a hot tub requires some serious manpower and equipment, not to mention is quite the hassle for the inexperienced consumer. Partnering with a local dealer like Creative Energy guarantees a professional delivery and installation of your new investment.