Size Matters When it Comes to Hot Tub Seating

Are you currently shopping for hot tubs in the Bay Area? The size and capacity of a hot tub is a big deciding factor for people purchasing a home spa. There are many different sizes of spas available, depending on how many friends or family members you anticipate using it.

Along with the number of people who will use the hot tub, there are other things to consider when making your decision. How much space do you have in your backyard? Will you want to lounge in the spa? It is not always the number of seats that should influence your purchase. 

Read on to find out which size hot tub might be right for you.

Save Space with a Spa for 2-3 Adults

There are several reasons to consider a hot tub that fits two to three adults. For one, it saves space in areas with limited square footage. A larger spa can crowd small backyards, decks, and patios. A two to three seater hot tub is perfect for those looking to minimize their spa’s footprint.

Not only is a smaller hot tub model better for smaller spaces, but individuals and couples may not need more than two or three seats to comfortably use their spa. Think about how often you will have visitors over for dips — if it is not very often, a smaller tub might be the best choice to keep cost and maintenance to a minimum.

Save on space without compromising luxury! Learn more about three hot tub models designed for 2 – 3 people available now at Creative Energy!

Get Comfortable in a Tub made for 4-5 Adults

If you have a full size family or frequently have a guest or two over for a soak, a four to five person hot tub might be what you are looking for. 

Those looking for more personal space might also choose a tub that fits four to five adults. Do not only consider the number of seats, but the size of the footwell for your hot tub users. The smaller the footwell, the more legs and feet will be crowded together. If relaxation is your goal, consider a bigger tub with some room to spare.

Time to Party in a Hot Tub for 6+ Adults

If you have the room for a large hot tub, you might find yourself leaning toward one that seats six or more individuals. These tubs are perfect for families, parties, and those that like to spread out comfortably. 

With a larger spa, you won’t have anyone fighting over the best seat — every seat will be comfortable with plenty of legroom. 

Creative Energy Carries a Wide Selection of Hot Tub Sizes in Northern California

The best way to determine what hot tub size is best for your lifestyle is to visit one of our San Francisco Bay Area showrooms in San Rafael, San Mateo, and Concord! Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the shopping experience and will ensure you make the right decision for your outdoor space, guests, and hydrotherapy routine. 

Creative Energy also offers free in-home consultations get you on the path to owning the perfect spa. Our team will meet you at your home to measure your space and get to know your needs and wants for your tub. Whether you are looking to create a wellness routine or want to invite a few neighbors over for a soak, Creative Energy has a hot tub option for you!