Today is the official launch day for our new website! Throughout the years Creative Energy has built and rebuilt quite a few websites all of which have been noted for their outstanding function and performance for existing customers and prospective customers alike. Our latest website sports tons of new features that enhance the visitor experience.

One of the key features of the new website is our Blog. You’ll notice that visitors can now post comments below any of our blog posts. This should be an exciting feature as people begin to join the conversations we have on our website.

Another exciting section of our new website are the Do-It-Yourself Articles and the Trouble Shooting Guides. Since all of the hot tubs and fireplaces we sell are practically no maintenance, we’re struggling with topics to discuss but surely we’ll come up with something. We expect to roll-out commenting functionality in both these sections as well. This should really make them a valuable resource as real customers add their experiences and ask questions.

We’ve integrated our e-store, which used to be a separate website, into our new main website. Now you can browse and shop for spa and hot tub accessories right on this site as opposed to a secondary website. We expect to be adding dozens of new items to the e-store very soon so stay tuned!

There are several dozens of other features we’ve added to our new website, too many to list here. We hope you enjoy it and please feel free to leave comments here with questions, comments or suggestions. We’re always open to new ideas!