Obviously we prefer you to do business with us, but we would rather lose you to a competitor with a service and delivery department than to a big box store. Sure, big box store prices may look cheap and the spas they sell may look flashy. However, when you get into the “nuts and bolts” of both the product and the service, there simply is no comparison.

First think about the spa manufacturers and the product that is shown in the big box stores. Why don’t they sell through dealers? Because dealers do not want their product.  Why don’t dealers want their product? Because customers don’t want their product after they see it in person.  People assume if these stores represent these spas then they must be a quality product. That can be said for much of what they offer, but certainly not spas.

They drop off the spa at your front door. Creative Energy has been delivering spas since 1976, and we know delivery struggles are after the driveway and before the resting spot.  It is never as easy as it seems – that is why we offer a complementary site inspection prior to every spa we deliver.

Finally, big box spas are NEVER as efficient as a HotSpring spa in retaining energy costs. This is a topic for the next blog though!