Which Accessories Should I Choose When Buying a Hot Tub?

Buying a hot tub for your backyard is an exciting thing! You can look forward to relaxing, entertaining, and improving your health, all with one purchase. Shopping for your new hot tub might seem straightforward, but you might be unaware of these must-have hot tub accessories available as well.

Fabulous accessories will inspire you to use your hot tub more often. You will be sure to receive all the benefits of a spa wellness routine. Which popular accessories should you consider when purchasing a hot tub? Let’s take a look at a few below:

Cover Lifters for Easy Access

If you have used or owned a hot tub in the past, you might remember having to lift the heavy cover off before you could get in. To some this can seem like a backbreaking experience, especially for those with limited mobility. While hot tub covers are essential–they keep debris out and act as an insulator, keeping water warm–lifting and removing them does not have to be so difficult. 

A cover lifter is a hot tub accessory that should not be overlooked during your purchase. Cover lifters should be rustproof, weather-resistant, and durable — as well as aesthetically pleasing. Choosing a high-quality cover lifter that is made for your spa will guarantee great fit and functionality.

Go Natural with a FreshWater Salt System

When shopping for a hot tub, you might be concerned about all of the maintenance that goes into owning one. With a FreshWater Salt System, maintenance just got a whole lot easier. A FreshWater Salt System uses unique, patent-pending technology that creates chlorine from salt to sanitize spa water. No more itchy skin or dry eyes with this hot tub accessory.

Using fewer additives and less chemicals, a salt water system like FreshWater’s will save you time, money, and energy. Not only is it a more natural and efficient process, the spa water will last 12 months before it needs to be drained and refilled. You will also save water!

FreshWater Ozone System

A FreshWater Ozone system is another perfect hot tub accessory to help you easily maintain your new spa. With an Ozone system, ozone and silver ions are continuously released into your spa water, resulting in constant cleaning. This system helps decrease chlorine use while neutralizing contaminants on contact. 

With a FreshWater Ozone system, you can enjoy your spa to its full potential with minimal upkeep. Not only does an Ozone System work to automatically clean your hot tub, you can add soothing scents to create an aromatherapy experience!

Safety First with Hot Tub Steps

After getting your hot tub, getting in should not be difficult! Hot tub steps are essential for individuals of all ages to ensure safe entry and exits from your tub. You should consider durable steps that are weather-resistant. 

Sturdy steps that stand the test of time should also be beautiful. With different colors and materials available, you won’t sacrifice style for safety’s sake. In most cases, steps are available that match your hot tub’s cabinet color and material. Attractive steps that blend in to your backyard design will be the perfect accessory for your hot tub.

Make the Most of Your Hot Tub from Creative Energy with Must-Have Accessories

We’re in the middle of summer and a relaxing soak has never sounded so nice. If you are currently looking for the hot tub of your dreams, Creative Energy’s wide selection of Hot Spring® spas will hit the spot. With the purchase of a new hot tub, you can choose any three of the four accessories listed above!

Contact us today or visit one of our San Francisco Bay Area showrooms in San Rafael, San Mateo, and Concord to learn more about the many hot tub accessories available. You are going to love the added benefits they will bring to your backyard.