6 Tips to Conserve Energy with a Hot Tub

Imagine unwinding in your hot tub after a long day— only for the thought of your next energy bill to put a ripple in your relaxation. The good news? Hot Spring hot tubs are specifically designed with energy conservation in mind! Plus, if lowering energy costs is important to you, there are also numerous ways to further enhance the energy efficiency of your spa. This blog lists practical and effective tips to help you reduce your hot tub energy bill and conserve energy without compromising comfort.

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1. Invest in a Good Hot Tub Cover

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Investing in a high-quality cover that properly fits your specific model is a great way to level up your efficiency and conserve energy. A good hot tub cover does more than protect your hot tub from the elements. They also have insulative properties that help trap heat inside the spa and prevent water from evaporating when it’s not in use. Since you won’t need to spend as much energy heating your tub with each use, this can lower your energy bill. 

2. Lower the Temperature 

Most people won’t notice a one-degree temperature change in a hot tub. However, even small temperature adjustments can lead to noticeable energy savings over time, since a lower setting requires less heating. Keeping your hot tub at the lowest comfortable temperature without compromising warmth is an energy-saving habit that can add up in the long run, so you can enjoy your hot tub as you normally would while also minimizing your operational costs.  

3. Use Jets with a Timer 

Jets offer many therapeutic and relaxation benefits, but while they are on, your hot tub will use more energy. Don’t worry— enjoying your jets is still possible, and encouraged! A great way to be mindful of your energy usage is to set a timer for how long you want your jets to be on, so you can conserve energy without compromising on the therapeutic benefits of massage jets. 

4. Regularly Change Filters

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Regular filter changes are essential for keeping your hot tub clean and functioning properly. But did you know they can benefit your energy efficiency, too?

A clean filter helps the water inside your hot tub circulate properly, which reduces the strain on the pump and heating system. When the filters are clogged, the system has to work harder to maintain water quality and temperature, which can use more energy. Keeping up with filter changes can help keep your hot tub as efficient as possible and conserve more energy.

5. Turn Off Your Hot Tub When You’re Not Using It

If you’re planning to go on vacation and know you won’t be home to use your hot tub for a few days, turning it off can help save energy while you’re away. Your hot tub is constantly working to circulate water and keep the temperature warm, and when it’s not being used, this hard work can waste valuable energy. By turning it off before periods of disuse, you can conserve energy and save on utility costs.

6. Keep Up with Maintenance

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Regular maintenance checks from a qualified technician help ensure that all your hot tub’s components are functioning properly. This prevents inefficiencies that often lead to higher energy consumption. A hot tub technician can also identify and fix minor issues before they escalate, keeping your hot tub running efficiently. This proactive approach saves energy and helps preserve the lifespan of your hot tub, offering both immediate and long-term financial benefits.

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Small changes to your hot tub maintenance habits can make a big difference when it comes to energy efficiency. By adopting these simple energy-saving strategies, you can conserve energy without compromising the comfort and enjoyment of your Hot Springs spa.

At Creative Energy, we understand the importance of proper hot tub maintenance and energy conservation. Whether you’re seeking a replacement cover, have questions about hot tub upkeep, or would like to schedule maintenance with a qualified technician, our dedicated team is happy to help.

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