In this video tutorial, we will show you step-by-step how to setup and use your new ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System.

How To Setup Your ACE Salt Water System Video Transcript

Your ACE Salt Water Kit will include:

First, remove the Calcium Pillow and rinse thoroughly. Place the pillow over the drain screen and leave in your filled spa. Flip it over after 1 day and leave for another day. Then, discard. Remove the gray filter cap and filter. Then, slide the Silver Ion Cartridge with Adaptor over the standpipe. Replace the filter and cap. Fill your hot tub with water through the standpipe indicated by the gray cap, making sure to push the hose all the way to the bottom. Please note that when filling your spa, you need to make sure the water level is high enough cover the jets, but not high enough to rise the headrest as marked in the video.

Power on your spa by either flipping the breakers or by plugging it in. Run the jets for about 15 minutes, rotating the diverter valve to open the jets. While the jets are running, test and balance your water’s pH and alkalinity, following the instructions on the bottles. Remember that all chemicals should be added to the filter compartment while the jets are running. Again, while the jets are running, add chlorine according to the directions on the bottle. Add Spa Salt as directed by the instructions on the container. Turn off the jets, cover the spa, and let it heat up. Please note that 110V spas will heat about 3°F an hour, whereas 220V spa will heat up to 8°F an hour. Once the hot tub temperature is past 100°F, set up the ACE Salt Water System following the instruction provided in your Owner’s Manual.

At Creative Energy, we use ACE with Ozone because it provides the absolute best soaking experience and allows the ACE Cell to be run at a lower user setting, increasing the life of the cell. The Ozone eats up any residual natural chlorine that the ACE System produces, making your soaking experience virtually chemical-free.