A hot tub can be a large but worthwhile investment, so it’s important to make sure that you get the exact model that you need. Here is a basic outline of the steps you’ll want to take to get the best tub for you and your family.

The first consideration is size. Make sure that there are no physical limitations on what size tub will fit in your yard. Things like retaining walls, decks, and the size of the concrete pad can impact the size of the Hot Tub. Second, determine how many people at one time will regularly use the hot tub. Families should consider models that will fit both parents and children at the same time.  Please keep in mind that most of the time there will be 2-3 people that are regularly using the Hot Tub. You definitely don’t want to purchase one that is too big for the amount of use. Those who enjoy entertaining should get a larger tub, but if the tub is for therapeutic purposes, then a smaller size should suffice. Those with a Bay Area fireplace outside will need to plan for enough space between the two to avoid over-abundance of heat within a single area.

Once you have a basic idea of what you’re looking for, you’re ready to talk to a Creative Energy sales representative about which brands or models fit within your criteria. Then you can focus on finding the colors, extras, and styles that you like best.

Shopping for a hot tub doesn’t have to be stressful. Set your limits ahead of time, and you’ll find the tub of your dreams right away. Stop by a Creative Energy showroom in San Rafael, San Mateo, or Concord to view hot tubs in the San Francisco Bay Area.