For over 30 years tour the Creative Energy team has helped Bay Area customers find the perfect spas and fire features for their homes. We pride ourselves on carrying the world’s #1 best-selling brands at affordable prices. Before the pandemic, it would generally take 3-4 weeks for your spa to be delivered. Sadly, today we are seeing 3-6 month delays in hot tubs and fireplace orders. 

Supply chain disruptions are just another byproduct of this pandemic, and like many other retailers across the country, we have been hit hard with manufacturing delays.

Why the Delays?

Increased in Demand

It’s no surprise that during a global health crisis many people prioritized their wellbeing. We saw a huge rise in people looking to purchase hot tubs for the hydrotherapy benefits and Swim Spas for at-home fitness. Similarly, after being stuck at home for months, many homeowners looking to reduce their energy bills opted for fireplaces. 

All the while many manufacturers were forced to shut down for months at a time, only to return to a backlog of existing orders. This was only further compounded by labor shortages, new social distancing requirements in facilities, and of course all the new orders coming in daily.  

Our Hot Tub and Fireplace partners have reported the following hardships as well:

Delivery Delays

Due to the shortage of raw goods, and the long delivery wait to our manufacturers, we are expecting much longer than normal wait times to receive products. Our delays have been anywhere for 3-6 months on average in receiving a new Hot Tub or Fireplace.  

Increased Costs

Most manufacturers are attempting to maintain production levels in anticipation of a return to business as usual and an accompanying increase in demand. However, in order to maintain production in the face of supply chain disruption, manufacturers have had to seek alternative suppliers. These often have higher costs, which some manufacturers have been forced to pass along to customers. We are also faced with increases in fuel pricing which the manufacturers have since passed on to their retailers in form of increased shipping costs.

Creative Energy is Looking Ahead  

 We believe it is important to provide full transparency in supply chain hold-ups and manufacturing delays. We are grateful for the continued support we have received from our customers and the patience and understanding you have afforded us. We promise to always do our best to find the soonest delivery/installation date possible.

While you wait for your new hot tub or fireplace to arrive, we will help you prepare for delivery and installation with a complimentary inspection of your backyard or home. If you are working with a contractor, a Creative Energy technician will be available to meet with them by phone or in-person to discuss any and all plans for the day of delivery. 

All of the Creative Energy showrooms are open, and our specialists are here to help in any way they can, including providing free demonstrations. You can learn anything from balancing your spa water so that it’s always clean and clear, to how to operate your fireplace remote for optimal heat output.

The entire team at Creative Energy strives to continue to provide you with the highest level of services. If there is anything we can do to make your experience more enjoyable, please do not hesitate to let us know. ⁠

Thank you all and stay safe!
David Kasten, Creative Energy General Manager