Valentine’s Day is coming in hot and we all know what that means; flowers, chocolates, and jewelry… all heart shaped. While that may be fine and dandy for young love and secret admirers, for the Valentine’s Veterans, the typical fare just no longer feels appropriate. In fact, it may feel downright boring and cliché.

Time to elevate this Valentine’s Day with a grand gesture that is sure to garner affection for years to come.

1. Covers All The Senses

Instead of trying to stir up a little romance surrounded by strangers at a restaurant, with a little planning, you can create an amorous evening that revolves perfectly around your exciting new investment.

Once your new hot tub is installed, you’ll want to create an intimate space around it. Here is a quick checklist to get you started.


Ambient lighting is key. The radiance of the sunset, the glow of the moon, or the dimmer switch on low. Proper lighting can really make or break the mood. (many hot tubs have lighting features that are customizable)


A little romantic music is all you need. Turn off the distractions, turn on your custom playlist, and focus on all that can be achieved through conversation with your special someone.


Add seasoning to the soup, so to speak. As one of our most powerful senses, the addition of essential oils like peppermint or lavender can relieve tension and stress and allow you to connect with your loved one. (just be certain they are appropriate for hot tub use)


When soaking in the warm water, you’ll likely want a little refreshment. Fresh fruit pairs well with sipping champagne and is a wonderful compliment to your romantic evening.


This is the easy one. All you have to do is get in. Relax and try to forget about your worries. Indulge in the warm water and enjoy spending this time with someone you love.

Whether it’s intended as a surprise or a highly anticipated occasion, you can create a Valentine’s Day to remember that stimulates all of the senses.

2. Romance and Wellness Combined

So much more than a luxury, soaking your bodies in the warm soothing water has many health benefits that often go overlooked. Nothing quite conveys love like genuine concern for another’s well-being. A dip in the spa can provide relief from tense and tight muscles, lower your blood pressure, and promote the natural release of endorphins in the brain. All of which support general wellness. Show how much you truly care by simply providing care.

3. The Gift That Keeps Giving

Long after those chocolates are eaten and the flowers have wilted, the gift of luxury, relaxation, and wellness will endure. Any day could be like Valentine’s Day, any night could be date night, and any time your loved one steps into that spa will be a reminder of you and the thought and care that went into such an ambitious Valentine’s Day. (try and top that one)

There’s Still Time

Valentine’s Day is close, but it’s not too late! If you’re looking to leave behind the tired Valentine’s Day staples and show just how much you really care, stop by or contact the experts at Creative Energy. From now until Valentine’s Day we are offering special 60-month financing and ½ off an Ace Saltwater Spa System or FREE stereo system upgrade with select spas. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you to go one better than Cupid this Valentine’s Day.