Hot Spring 110 V vs. 220 V conversion

All HotSpring 110 volt spas can be converted to 220 Volt.

110 spas can run either the heater or the Jet pump, but not both at the same time. If you are in your spa running the jets for more than 30 minutes, you may experience some heat loss – especially on really cold days/evenings.

The difference between 110 V and 220 V Hot Tubs

There is no difference in energy usage/efficiency between 110 and 220 converted hot tubs – despite what some electricians will claim. Your electric meter measures your energy use in watts as opposed to volts. The higher voltage means that more energy (watts) can move through the wires to your hot tub at a faster rate. With a 220 volt spa, you will still use the same amount of watts that you would running a 110 volt Hot Tub for twice as long.

The scenario is comparable to filling up a Hot Tub with a bigger and smaller diameter of hose. You will need the same volume of water, but the hose with the bigger diameter will fill up the Hot Tub faster. And the cost of that volume of water will remain the same from the utility company. Just like the electrical cost of heating your Hot Tub will remain the same on 110 volt vs. 220 volt.

In many cases our customers may have a limited electrical service to their backyard or live in an HOA with a lot of restrictions. That is why our 110 V Hot Tubs may be the answer to their needs. Here is the list of all available Hot Spring & Hot Spot Hot Tubs that require 110 volt power:

Creative Energy’s Expert Take on 110 V vs. 220 V

If you have the power source easily accessible to run a 50 Amp 220 Volt service line, then you might as well do it. Your spa will heat quicker and stay heated with prolonged use – people with small kids/grandkids will find this beneficial. If the run is long and complicated, go with 110 Volt. You may find it is perfectly fine – and you can upgrade at a later date. Save the extra installation costs. If you do run 20 Amp 110 Volt, please insist your electrician uses 10 Gauge wire or thicker on runs longer than 25 feet.

Hot Spring Highlife: Jetsetter, Prodigy
Hot Spring Limelight: Bolt
Hot Spot: TX, SX, Dash

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