We’ve used a wood stove to heat our Eichler home since the Energy Crush era of the 70s. In 2013 we decided to make the leap forward in this technology and purchased a lovely new wood stove insert. We did a lot of comparison shopping and found the best deal at Creative Energy in San Rafael. We pummeled the staff with lots of questions over a couple of weeks, and they were always very patient and informative. When we made the purchase, they removed and disposed of our ancient wood stove and installed the new one. The contractor installed a nice tall smokestack in our chimney and it REALLY improved the draft of our stove. We LOVE it! We can get the stove roaring in just a few minutes, and when the electric fan kicks in, our home is quickly nice and toasty. Creative Energy is a top-notch group. We heartily recommend them!

, San Rafael - 5 / 5