What an amazing team.  I didn’t even end up buying a hot tub here, as it wouldn’t fit getting through to my back yard, but the effort and care that Scott put into helping me on this discovery were so applaudable, that I had to leave a 5 star review.  Buying a hot tub takes a lot of consideration and work, and he was honest and thorough in walking through all the pros and cons of their products compared to others.  From my initial visit with my children in tow, to an in-tub experience test (yes, you can come with a swim suit and test drive the tubs), and two visits to my home after changing my mind about models, he was always conscientious to take everything into consideration, from how the tub would be used, to how it would look and fit in the yard.  I wish I had been able to buy a hot tub here.  After all the models I tested the Shiatsu massage feature was the one that left me dreaming of their tubs.

, San Fransisco - 5 / 5