The heater in our Hot Springs spa died after 7 years of virtually flawless performance.
I left a message for Creative Energy over the weekend, the Service Department called Monday morning and dispatched Dave Kirley on Tuesday.

Dave arrived right on time, diagnosed the problem and before I knew it, had the repairs completed and we are back in “hot water” by evening!

Dave did such a great job, that later that day I called Creative Energy to sign up for their regular cleaning and maintenance service, so our spa will always be clean, serviced and ready for another comforting soak.

Our Hot Springs “Grandee” hot tub is the 2nd one we have purchased from Creative Energy and if we move again, we will undoubtedly call them for a 3rd.

Thanks, Dave for such a great job, your professional technical support is greatly appreciated. Creative Energy really should give you a raise!

, Orinda - 5 / 5