Over the years, we have purchased two spas from Creative Energy in San Mateo.  I cannot say enough good things about Creative Energy in San Mateo and John Kasten.  The service is beyond outstanding.  We’ve owned our current spa for over 10 years now.  Last April, we had the pump replaced and today we had to have service come out to fix the front control panel.  The repair people said the pump needed replacing and the panel needed replacing and quoted us $500 plus for the total repair.  I was very upset because we just had the pump replaced!  I called the owner and was complaining bitterly.  He said, let me do some research.  He got back to me and said that the pump should not have needed replacing since it was just done so he was not going to charge us for it.  I couldn’t believe it!  How refreshing it is to find a place that stands by their work.  We are only being charged for the panel replacement which is what we were quoted for today’s work.  It’s refreshing to find a business with that much integrity these days.  Thank you Creative Energy and thank you Mr. Kasten.

, Millbrae - 5 / 5