When we bought our house 11 years ago, there was a decrepit, dirty hot tub in the back yard.  We wanted a hot tub, but not that one.  We visited their showroom in Dublin (it had a different name back then)  to shop and asked about removing the old one.  To our astonishment, we were told that, since it was one of theirs, if we bought a new one, we would get a credit for replacing the old one.  So instead of an additional fee for removal, we got a credit toward the new hot tub.

Ever since then we have only had the new spa serviced irregularly.  But always by Creative Energy.  Their service office has had problems in the past with the scheduling of their technicians.  But their service technicians have always been more than capable.  Their polite, prompt, and know what they were doing.  The best was the most recent – Dave Kirley.  He had come out to inspect the hot tub, which we knew had problems.  The fee agreed up front.  He explained the problems, charged us additional only for the parts and was done working super fast.

We will continue to use Creative Energy for our hot tub.

, San Ramon - 5 / 5