Our Jetsetter hot tub is one of my most favorite things in the house.  Lots of my friends and family have been in it, and they all really liked it. (in fact, everyone likes it.) Anyway, its supposed to be a three person hot tub, but once we made 8 kids fit.  We go in it, about once or twice a week.  And now, here are some stories about the hot tub and family friends.

Here’s a story about my cousin and I.

My cousin, Ella and I were in the hot tub.  My little brother Ry was sitting on a shelf in the hot tub.  He put his legs out across it.  Ella and I swam, over and under his legs.  Once, when we jumped over his legs, we pretended that we were dolphins jumping over a rock.  Another time when we swam under his legs, we pretended that we were sharks, and we did not come up until about 40 seconds. (sometimes 50.)

Here’s another story about the time we fit 8 kids in the hot tub.

The time we fit 8 kids in the hot tub, we had lots of fun.  We were 8 kids between the ages of 5 and 14.  (and we still had a lot of room left). In the hot tub, we played a game called doggie doggie where’s your bone.  But we used a ponytail holder instead.  It was funny when a 10 year old boy hid the ponytail holder behind him, and we were all looking for it.  And the he said: do you know where the ponytail holder is you guys?  Then we said: no.  and so we kept on looking.  Then the 10 year old turned around and got the ponytail holder.  And the he yelled: I FOUND IT! I FOUND IT!  Good we all said. And then we started playing again.

At night when we go in the hot tub, we see the moon and the stars.  They are so beautiful. And sometimes I think airplanes are stars.  Because when the planes stay still for a while, they look like stars.  At night my brother especially likes the blue light in the hot tub.

I really like the hot tub, and I’m glad that we have one.

, San Francisco Bay Area, CA - 5 / 5