In 1984 we purchased our first Creative Energy Spa.  We were the only ones in our crowd to have an always hot – always ready spa.  We should have been working on commission with all the spas we sold.

In 1998 we moved from Marin to Sonoma.  The new Creative Energy spa arrived and was installed in a grape arbor the previous owner had built.  It was a perfect fit.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t until after everyone had departed that I noticed a portion of the electrical cord was resting under the spa.  Like all remodels and building projects we had had numerous problems and hassles.  It was Friday afternoon and I didn’t have much faith in an easy quick resolution.  I called the office and explained the problem.  An hour later the Boss’ wife and I were sipping wine while he jacked up the spa and readjusted the cord.  After a little more wine and conversation they drove into Sonoma for dinner.  It turned out to be a delightful afternoon.  I should have known that Creative Energy would have not only a great product, but also prompt personal service.

, Sonoma, CA - 5 / 5