Preferred Professionals

Kasten Builders

kb__mediumKasten Builders is dedicated to creating lasting relationships with their clients and design associates through effective communication, quality control, and teamwork. They take pride in providing professional craftsmanship, management, and a personalized building experience.


Martinelli Electric

Martinelli Electric ContractorsSpecializing in residential and commercial services, Martinelli Electric prides itself on quality, craftsmanship, and solid relationships with the customers it serves.  Seth Martinelli, owner and founder of Martinelli Electric, can be found supervising and working on every job site.

1033 Bush Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Metamorphosis Landscaping

metamorphosis__mediumMetamorphosis Landscaping has over fifteen years experience in all aspects of the landscaping field. They are focused on producing some of the most creatively constructed landscape projects in the industry. Their firm designs and constructs projects of all sizes, with the goal of making each garden a unique work.

Metamorphosis Landscaping

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