I first started looking at fireplace inserts many months before I actually bought one as I was waiting for the Air Board to finalize their grant process for rebates.  I was vey impressed with a particular staff person (Cole Spilman) at Creative Energy who I happened to overhear talking with other people in the showroom.  When he was finished, he also answered questions I had and later emailed me a quote.  When the Air Board issued their rebate rules (and thankfully our County has them as well), I once again contacted Cole who always responded to my requests and provided valuable resources and contacts for chimney cleaning (I chose Erich Rodden – Fireside Chimney Services?)  as well as electrical needs (I chose Steve Johnson of Millennium Electric).   Both companies were excellent.  I am still learning how to use the wonderful remote on my recently installed fireplace insert but all indications tell me we will have a long and happy relationship – and I expect the same will hold true for Creative Energy as well!

, Novato - 5 / 5