Above and beyond the call of duty. Was having a stupid problem with my one year old Hot Springs spa. NOT stupid because of the spa, but stupid because of ME! I was cleaning the spa controls and I guess touched the wrong button and all of a sudden all of the controls switched directions. I went and read the owners manual…no luck. Searched on line…no luck. Finally called the Pleasanton store and got Shawn (not the guy i bought the spa from…just a nice sales guy who answered the phone.) I explained the problem. He didn’t know the solution either (made me feel better.) He said he “would research and get back to me.” (Yeah, right….how often do they really follow-up with such an out-of-the-blue call???) BUT, a few hours later he did call back with the right answer!! Problem solved. All because a good guy took the time to do his work in a thorough, polite and timely manner. What more could you ask for?

, Pleasanton - 5 / 5