Buying a Hot tub is no joke. There are so many factors: Price, efficiency, jets, size, delivery, warranty, etc…

I shopped around for a hot tub for about 6 months and visited about half a dozen places. I met John Kasten back in Feb 2014 before finally buying a tub in Dec 2014. I automatically appreciated the fact that John wasn’t a pushy salesman. I like that John laid out the facts and didn’t attempt to bad mouth the competition.

John made a stop by my house, twice, and scoped out the backyard and deck just to offer his advice (before I even decided to buy a tub from him just to be helpful). Before buying a tub I recommend trying the tub at the dealer and seeing if you like the jets, the size, seating position, etc…

I ended up buying the Jetsetter NXT. Since buying the tub John has always been available for questions and ready to help. Since buying the tub, John has checked in with me via call, text or email about half dozen times, to make sure the tub is running well and to see if I have any questions.

I gotta admit.. I am truly impressed! I thought after buying a tub, I will be forgotten about. John definitely cares and bends over backwards to make sure his customers are receiving the best service and are enjoying the product they purchased. I am super glad I bought my tub from this location.

Buying a tub isn’t cheap, but oh so worth it! I’ve used my tub almost every single day since Dec. Make sure you take your time shopping around, ask a lot of questions and don’t go cheap on the tub. It’s not worth it. It’s something you’re going to have a very long time, so do it right the first time. Compared to other tubs, Creative energy tubs maybe on the pricier side, but so worth it with the quality tub you receive.

Thank you so much Creative Energy.. I truly value the way you treated me throughout this buying experience!

, San Jose - 5 / 5