We purchased our hot tub from Creative Energy in San Mateo almost 10 years ago and it’s still one of the best purchases we’ve ever made. The tub is in use almost every night and aside from minimal maintenance we haven’t had any major problems with it. Works like a charm. I can’t tell you the relief from stress I get when I first sit in the tub. I can feel the stress and pains from the day just leave my body. It’s the most wonderful sensation and I recommend it for everyone. I feel so lucky to have my hot tub and I’m glad I bought it from Creative Energy.

We recently returned to the store to pick up supplies and we were interested in the fireplace inserts as our wood burning fireplace was giving us trouble. We ended up buying one on the spot due mostly to their wonderfully helpful sales staff and their great selection of units in their showroom. We had all of them going full blast to do comparisons and boy that room heated up quickly. Here it is almost a month later and we are so in love with our new fireplace. We can turn it on with the push a button on the remote and instantly have a huge, warm fire in the living room. It’s fantastic! I also love the temperature control on the remote. Just set it to the temperature that you want and it turns the fireplace on and off to maintain that temperature. Just fantastic!

I have to say I wasn’t a big fan of gas fireplaces and wanted to keep my wood burning one but after seeing how easy they are to operate and how nice they look I was hooked. We got the one that has big roundish stones instead of the fake log and it looks fantastic! Very modern and sleek. WE LOVE IT!


I am totally happy with Creative Energy and this is why…. i bought my hot tub from their San Mateo showroom 11 years ago and have used it almost every night since then. I have never had a bad experience dealing with their customer service and I’ve had them out to service minor repairs several times over the years. I also purchased a gas insert to replace my wood burning fireplace several years ago and have been using that a lot. The fireplace stopped working last week so I scheduled an appointment to have it serviced and got an appointment quickly scheduled. Then I thought I would try and combine that fireplace service with some minor things that were not working in the hot tub since they came from the same company. I didn’t really expect that they would send one person to do both servicing as they are completely different equipment but they said Dave would be coming out and he is an expert.

I had a appointment scheduled for 9am last Friday and I was a little freaked out because I had a wedding to attend that day at 1pm and wasn’t sure that both appliances would be fixed in time for me to leave for the wedding. Dave was so efficient and worked quickly and got me to the wedding on time. I couldn’t believe he actually took the whole fireplace apart and (luckily for me I was still in the warranty time period for the fireplace so I didn’t have to pay for the two parts he replaced) got it put back together in a couple of hours. This was still getting close to my cutoff time but he went to work on the hot tub and got that done in plenty of time for me to make the wedding.

I can’t give enough props to Dave Kirley and his skill set. He is very knowledgeable in how these machines work and did a really superb job in fixing mine. Now I feel like I’m in a new hot tub even though it’s 11 years old! And I can enjoy my fireplace again which is now working perfectly! Kudos to Dave and his team (the customer support people on the phone were very helpful and accommodated me in my last minute request to get both appliances serviced). I am very happy with Creative Energy and would recommend them to anybody interested in either a hot tub or fireplace fixture.

, San Mateo - 5 / 5