We have wanted a hot tub for as long as I can remember. We knew we couldn’t afford a new one, but would look for a refurbished one.We finally started putting our feelers out. We stopped by the Creative Energy showroom in San Mateo. John greeted us and let us look around. They did not have any used ones that were right for us.

We let John know that we could not afford anything in their showroom. His attitude did not change. He treated us like we were going to buy a 12,000 tub! He followed through a few days later to let us know he was keeping his eyes out for a used one for us.

We ended up finding one, on Craigslist. We told John, so he wouldn’t keep looking for us. He emailed us the owner’s manual, for the used Vanguard tub we bought, not even from them! That is amazing service. We will buy all of our chemical’s from them , and when we need to update our tub, we will definitely get it through them. They are top notch.

, San Fransisco - 5 / 5