Had our Hot Springs Envoy delivered on 8/21. I think Logistics is the hardest thing to deal with, but owner, John Kasten simplifies the process of the unknown. He came to the house, looking at the backyard location and seeing how/where the best place to set up the hot tub. And in addition to that, John recommended both concrete (Chico) and electrician (Lonnie) to get all the required prep work done. He also gave the reassurance that these two guys would deliver on their work and be able to handle our unique requirements of lifting the gate for delivery and finding the best/cheapest way to run the 220 line to the tub. And in the showroom, Bonnee Young was very patient and informative about the pluses and minuses about each tub as it compared to our needs. She was very low key and we appreciated the non tech hot tub info on swim trunk washing and the parenting side of knowing the kids would be without their electronics while in the tub. We ended up choosing the Envoy, which was one of the biggest units. Although there were several that were smaller and cheaper, we figured we get more family time in if there were more captain style chairs available to use at the same time. Delivery was an experience to watch, as the crew of 3 were able to move this massive tub into the backyard, over the deck and onto the concrete platform. Once delivered, I was informed by Customer Rep Scott Campbell that we would be able to use it right away even though he wouldn’t be out to our house until the next day. He said we just needed some extra shock treatment to keep the water clear until he got there. Having never taken care of a spa or pool before, this was all foreign to me, but Scott has his care instructions that he’s put together to make caring for the spa very easy. I think the best thing about buying local vs. thinking you can buy a spa from Costco, is the service side. To me it’s the most important buying consideration. We have had an issue with the jets not functioning properly, and their service guy, David Kirley was at our house the next day. In addition to the products that you have to buy, think the biggest concern is PGE costs. Through almost 3 months of using this almost every day, the PGE bill looks like it is $50 higher each month. Assume the costs are way down because we are only running the electricity at night when the price is cheaper. Love my tub, and look forward to going in there every night. Jaime – Albany CA

, San Rafael - 5 / 5